Exactly How Much Sugar Is In The New Unicorn Frapp From Starbucks?

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By now we have all heard, or seen the new unicorn frapp from starbucks that just came out yesterday. Although it is a beautifully magical drink to take pictures of, the sugar count might make you skeptical of consuming this drink, atleast a full serving.

Just How Much Sugar Is In It?

The standard 16 oz. size, known at Starbucks locations as a Grande, contains 59g of sugar if ordered with whipped cream.

That’s equivalent to eating approximately 15 sugar cubes.

One Grande Unicorn Frappuccino holds about double of the recommended daily added sugar limit for both men and women, according to the American Heart Association.

A Grande will set you back 410 calories, 140 of those calories are from fat.

Whoa, thats crazy right?

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What Is Actually In This Magical Drink?

1. Ice 

2. Milk

3. Creme Frappuccino Syrup.

4. Mango Syrup. 

5. Blue Drizzle.

6. Pink Powder.

7. Sour Blue Powder.

8. Whipped Cream.

Does It Taste Good?

We went out & tested this magical frapp for ourselves & actually were pleased with the sweet & sour flavouring.

 We did opt to share, which helped to not consume a huge amount of sugar. It’s more of a photo prop type of drink,but sharing it makes it not so bad. A grande split between 2 people will leave you each consuming 29.5 grams of sugar which is still not the best, but much better than 59 grams of sugar. Go with a tall to lower the sugar even more.  

Whether you down this whole sugar filled drink beacause you are just that bad ass, or you just get one to take a cool insta pic you must grab one of these magical frapps,because they wont be around for long!