10 Best White Elephant Gifts That Won’t Break The Bank

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White elephant gifts are a little crazy, a bit quirky, and whole lot of fun! If you’re looking for the best gifts that are all these things and are also not expensive, than keep scrolling for 10 Best White Elephant Gifts That Won’t Break The Bank.

Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven Baking Star Edition

Perfect gag gift for the person in your life that can’t cook! Description: This version of the classic toy oven has a look that’s modern, and comes with what young bakers need to make mini Sparkle Cakes — delectable frosted brownies topped with rainbow sugar sprinkles! The Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven Baking Star Edition is a fresh addition to any kitchen where kids love to bake. It’s electric — no light bulbs needed — and can be used to prepare both sweet and savory treats.

Dad BOD Fanny Belly Waist Pack

Description: This waist pack is designed for funs.Its imitation of human’s belly will no doubt grab people’s attention and make them laugh the moment when they see it. {buy here}

The Original Shave and Play Barbie

Description: Shave & Play Barbie is unlike any other doll you’ve played with! She is FURRY and ready for a trim! Whip out the razor (included) and give her a style all her own! Barbie will love her new, silky smooth, hair-free self! {buy here}

Novelty Toilet Bathroom Soccer Football Golf Game Toy

Description: This Toilet Football Soccer Game comes with a mat, putter, 2 balls and a goal.Perfect gift or present for your Dad Uncle Nephew Brother Boyfriend Husband Children Teenagers. {buy here}

Trump Fake News Button

Description: Tired of folks coming up to you all day spouting their fake news? Now with the push of a button you can call out those falsifications with presidential power! This hilarious push button has 7 different fake news sayings and is sure to be a hit in any office. Also makes a great desk ornament, gag gift, or white elephant present. {buy here}

Freeloader Fork

Description: The metal Freeloader Fork looks like a normal fork, but it telescopically extends to a length of 21”. At its full length it allows you to surreptitiously taste other’s food and never be suspected. It can also be used as a pointer for culinary lectures, a back scratcher or a humorous conductor’s wand. {buy here}

Culinary Gangster Engraved Cutting Board

Description: Show respect for the boss of your family kitchen with this formidable, gangster-style cutting board.
The menacing skull and crossed chef’s knives let everyone know exactly who handles the cutting, chopping and slicing in this neighborhood. {buy here}

In Case Of Emergency Ornament

Description: This ornament is 4×4 (doobie not included) Fill with a fake novelty doobie or real! Perfect gift for any cannabis consumer! {buy here}

Carrot Cufflinks

Description: Appearing towards the end of the Renaissance period, primitive cufflinks were used for holding shirt cuffs together. The simple, bare design started to take a stylistic twist towards the mid-1600s. However it was the rip-roaring twenties that sent the cufflink on a popularity boom. {buy here}

Boyfriend Arm Pillow Cushion

Description: Know someone who is single who could use a little cuddle at night? This Body Hug Cushion is the perfect gift! {buy here}

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