10 Of The Most Coolest Animals In The World

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We all know the typical cool animal dog and cat but these animals are unique in character and make some of the coolest pictures around. Enjoy these 10 totally cool animals.

1. Marine Iguana

The marine iguana is an iguana found only on the Galápagos Islands. This unique creature has the ability to forage in the sea, making it a marine reptile. This animal can dive up to 30ft into the water.

2. Okapi

The okapi is also known as the forest giraffe or zebra giraffe, it is a native to Democratic Republic of the Congo in Central Africa. The okapi’s striped markings may resemble that of zebras, though it is more closely related to the giraffe.

3. Red Panda

These beautiful creatures usually aren’t any bigger than a house cat, they have big bushy tails. The pandas use their ringed tails as wraparound blankets in cold places. The red panda has a rainy, high-altitude forest habitat, with a large range.

4. Sally Lightfoot Crab

The Sally Lightfoot Crab is well known as “Red Rock Crab”. Ths animal is the most common crabs along the western coast of South America. It can also be found in Central America and Mexico’s nearby islands.

5. The Maned Wolf

This unique wolf eats small animals including but not limited to rabbits and young rodents. Insects, reptiles and birds are a large part of the maned wolf’s diet but it also loves to eat fruits and a variation of plants.

6. White Tiger

White tigers are not a separate subspecies, They’re tigers that are born with white fur.
The tiger is the largest cat species this species is classified in the genus Panthera with the lion, leopard, jaguar, and snow leopard.

7. Angora Rabbit

This unique rabbit is known for it’s long, soft wool. The Angora Rabbit is one of the oldest types of rabbits, This rabbit originates in Turkey.

8. Glaucus Atlanticus

Glaucus atlanticus is able to protect the sea slug from predation. People will sometimes pick up these unusual blue sea slugs after they wash up on beaches.

9. Gray Wolf

This wolf is also known as the timber wolf and is a canine native to the wilderness of Eurasia and North America.

10. Liger

The liger is a hybrid cross between a male lion and a female tiger. The Liger enjoys swimming, and are very sociable animal. Ligers are known to grow much larger then both of it’s parent and is considered very rare given the 2 parent’s are usually found together in the wild.

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