10 Different Ways To Do Push Ups

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Doing push ups has evolved, use to be a push up meant you place all of your weight onto to your arms while on the ground and push your body weight up and down. Now there is so many different push ups it’s hard to keep up. We’ve listed 10 push ups you’ve probably heard of and need to know how to do them.


The oldest and one of the most effective ways to workout and build the muscles in your arm and chest area.
Place your hands at a distance that is a slight bit wider than shoulder width apart. Push down and push your body upward once your chest touches the floor do a slight pause and go back up.

Power Push Up

Power Push Ups can be done by lifting both your hands off the ground and when you push up.

Knee Push Up

Similar to the classic push up, the primary difference is you’ll be using your knees to support your body while you do the push up.

Wide Grip

Place your hands wider than shoulder distance, keep your fingers pointing forward. Proceed as if you would with a classic push up.


Get into the push up stance, push down and as you rise up do a hand clap in mid-air.

Close Grip

Opposite of the wide grip push up, place your hands very close together with fingers pointing forward, now continue to do your push ups.

Raised Leg Push Up

Keep the leg you’ll be using elevated, bend your elbows and lower body towards the ground until your upper body is around two inches away from the floor. Push your body back to where you started and now lower your leg to the ground.

One Armed

Place one of your arms behind your back, while keeping your arm behind your back lift your body from the arm that is not behind your back while doing push ups.


Put your body into push up position facing down with your palms down on the floor. Now bring your left knee toward the left elbow keeping your leg parallel to the floor.

Stop when you feel your chest close to the floor and your knee is as close as you can get it to your elbow. Pause in the position for a sec.

Straighten your elbow as you bring left leg back to the starting point with your left foot on the right. Keep the plank straight while doing this.

Repeat the steps above using your right knee and to the right elbow.

Reverse Grip

Reverse your hands as you would when doing a classic push only with your hands facing the opposite way. You can do this by slightly twisting your right hand to the right and your left hand to the left enough to feel it turning the other way. Now resume doing your push ups as you would for classic.

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