10 Drinking Straw Crafts For Kids

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Straws are not only great for sipping down your favorite beverage, they’re also really fun to build and get creative with for young kids. These 10 Drinking Straw Crafts For Kids are a great way to bring some fun to kids looking for excitement and creativity.

Soap Bubble Art

Soap bubble art is a fun way for kids to get creative — kids love bubbles! {how to}

Building with Straws & Recycled Cardboard

Cardboard and straws make for the perfect building material for little ones to create their own structures. {how to}

Friendship Bracelets

10 Drinking Straw Crafts For Kids
Let kids make their own friendship bracelets to gift to their friends or family with this fun craft. {how to}

Straw Geodesic Dome & Sphere

These Straw Geodesic Dome & Sphere crafts turn learning into fun! {how to}

Pipe Cleaner Ninjas

Kids will love making their own Pipe Cleaner Ninjas and then playing with them after. {how to}

Balloon Rocket Experiment

This Balloon Rocket Experiment is guaranteed to bring loads of fun to kids. {how to}

Singing Straws

These singing straws makes for a fun craft to make and an even better instrument to play with afterwards. {how to}

Water Drop Races

Water Drop Races are a fun way to to demonstrate water science to little ones. {how to}

Drinking Straw Sensory Tub

This Drinking Straw Sensory Tub is easy and reusable. I’m liking this idea much better than the food sensory tubs! {how to}

Bowl of Worms

This is a fun craft that can be enjoyed as a snack afterwards. Kids will enjoy eating “worms” that taste great! {how to}

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