10 Dye-Free Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

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Dye can be messy and the vinegar smell isn’t pleasant either. While some of these 10 alternatives to dye can get messy too (kids will be kids) — they are fun, creative ways to let your little one decorate their Easter eggs in different ways other than dye.


10 Dye-Free Easter Egg Decorating Ideas
Using stickers is a great mess free alternative to egg dye and young toddlers will find this easy and fun.

Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

This technique using melted crayons to decorate the eggs is a fun take to egg decorating {source}

Tie Dye Eggs

10 Dye-Free Easter Egg Decorating Ideas
These cool tie dye eggs using markers and baby wipes are easy and fun for all ages to create. {source}

Googly Eyed Eggs

With googly eyes anything can be made into a silly face, even eggs! Add mustaches, draw on a mouth with markers or paint — make these eggs your own.

DIY Jeweled Easter Eggs

Add some pizzazz to your eggs with jewels {source}

Watercolor Eggs

Get out the watercolors to create some awesome looking eggs this Easter {source}

Patterned Napkin Dyed Easter Eggs

All you need to create these awesome looking eggs are Paper napkins, Mod Podge, Paint brush, and Faux plastic eggs {source}

Pipe Cleaner Bunny Easter Eggs

How adorable are these bunny eggs created using pipe cleaner? Seriously, cute! {source}

Confetti Eggs

Confetti eggs are a fun, unique way to decorate and easy too! {source}

Polka Dot Eggs

Use color coding stickers for an easy way to make your Easter egg full of polka dots, add your polka dots by using paint or even markers {source}

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