10 Earth Day Crafts For Kids

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Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22nd Worldwide, various events are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Teach your kids about the importance of the earth while having a little fun with these “1o Earth Day Crafts For Kids.

DIY Recycling Center for Kids

Let your kids have fun showing the earth some love by creating a recycling center {source}

Paper Mache Light-Up Globes

The paper mache globes are easy, fun and really cool craft that any age can enjoy {source}

Sticky Paper Earth Activity

Kids love stickers! This activity is perfect for little hands and makes for the perfect time to discuss all about the earth {source}

Planet Earth Painting

10 Earth Day Crafts For Kids
Let your kids paint their own planet earth — because a little paint makes everything fun {source}

Nature Dragonfly Craft

Collect the materials on a walk with your kids and let them make their own dragonfly {source}

Paper Plate Earth Day Craft

Paper plates are a perfect base to create earth since they are round and a blank canvas. Let your little tots create a fun planet earth with this easy to make craft {source}

Handprint Earth Day Craft for Kids

Cut out your kids handprints and let them hold the world in their hands with this adorable craft {source}

Crown Of Grass

What kid doesn’t love a crown? Especially one make of grass for Earth day! {source}

Earth Day Heart Activity

With some paint and glue your kids can create an earth day art piece {source}

Coffee Filter Planet Earth

Coffee filters are perfect for crafts and since they are round and white they are especially perfect for earth day crafts {source}

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