10 Easy DIY Costumes

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Candy Dots


This easy candy dot costume was made by taking 1/2 styrofoam circles, spray paint 6 of each color and then hot glue to a white t-shirt!

Taco Halloween Costume

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Turn yourself into a walking taco with a little creativeness and these supplies

Brown dress
Felt in green, yellow, red, and white
Hot glue gun
Upholstery foam
Yellow spray paint

Bun In The Oven

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If you are pregnant this is the perfect pregnancy costume and it doesn’t require a ton of supplies

cardboard box
silver spray paint
black sharpie
silver duct tape
paper towel rod

Clear Sunny Day


Such an cheap and easy way to make a costume and you might even have most of the supplies on hand!

Salt & Pepper


Just buy a solid white T-shirt, a solid black T-shirt and corresponding colored shoes to match. Cut out this free printable, trace one letter on black felt and the other on white felt, then cut out and hot glue the black “S” on a white T-shirt and the white “P” on a black T-shirt and BOOM easy couples costume.

Bubblegum Machine

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With some basic supplies and some creativity you can make this adorable bubblegum machine costume.



Make an upside down “V” shape out of tape or black marker.  Add them to a yellow t-shirt.  The topper is green fun foam hot glued to a headband.

Bowl Of Cereal

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Make your very own breakfast cereal costume with this step by step how to and these supplies

36″ Balloon
Flour and Water
Pool Noodles in Desired Colors
High Gloss White Spray Pain
Thick White Ribbon
Box Cutter
Hot Glue Gun
Stapler and/or Duct Tape

Sushi Costume

10 Easy DIY Costumes
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Transform yourself into a sushi roll with this super awesome and easy DIY sushi costume.

DIY Rainbow Unicorn Costume

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Every unicorn lover will go gaga over this DIY unicorn costume! Follow the instructions and use these basic supplies

4 Yards of Pink tulle for the tutu

1/2 Yard of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple tulle for the tail and main.

Scraps of Ivory felt for the horn

Ivory Embroidery Floss for the horn

Scraps of colored felt for the flowers

1 Headband (glitter gold of course)

Elastic for the waist of the tutu

Hot Glue Gun and Glue

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