10 Fun Ways To Bring In The New Year With Kids

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If you’re needing some ideas to make bringing in the New Year fun with your kids — here’s 10 DIYs to turn your Eve into one your kids will remember.

New Year’s Eve Time Capsule & Printables

Get these awesome New Year’s Eve time capsule & Printables {here}

Glow In The Dark Cotton Candy

What’s better than cotton candy? Glow in the dark cotton candy, that’s what! Grab some glow in the dark cotton candy sticks watch your kids be amazed.

Party Poppers

These party poppers are easy to make and fun to rip apart when the clock strikes midnight. Get the how to {here}

Countdown To New Years Balloons

These countdown balloons make the countdown so much more fun, and t helps you organize activities by the hour. When the kids pop the balloon for that hour a note of what activity is next will be revealed inside. {source}

New Year’s Eve Ball Kid’s Craft

Kids will love creating their very own New Year’s Eve ball to hang for the festivities. Get the how to {here}

Milk Shots

Cover the rim of shot glasses in sprinkles and add milk of choice, and when the new year comes let the kids take shots. {source}

Disco Slime

Let kids have fun playing with glitter slime. Get the tutorial on how to make it {here}


It’s always a good time to get out the karaoke machine — sing all the years hits!

Clock Hats for New Year’s Eve

With a few dollar store supplies you can make these cute clock party hats. Get the tutorial {here}

New Years NoiseMakers

Kids love noise and when things get a little boring letting them shake these noisemakers will get them up and moving. {tutorial}

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