10 Genius Car Cleaning Hacks

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Give your car the love it needs with these 10 car cleaning hacks you’ll wish you knew sooner.

Bumper Sticker Be Gone

Put some WD-40 over a bumper stickers and let it sit for 1-2 minutes. Then just pull the sticker off.

Magic Eraser Hack


A magic eraser isn’t just for your home, it can also be used in your car to get scuff marks off car vinyl.

Conditioner For Your Next Car Wash


Most hair conditioners contain lanolin which gives your car a nice shine.

Coffee Filter Hack


Put a little oil on a coffee filter to rub your car down and make it shine.

DIY  Air Freshener


Add a Couple drops of essential oils onto your clothespin, and then clip them to your car vents for a great DIY air freshener.

Toothpaste For Scuffs

10 Genius Car Cleaning Hacks

Got scuffs? rub some toothpaste on it!

DIY Armor All Tire Shine


Use these 3 ingredients to have shining tires for super cheap!

Carpet Stain 2 Ingredient Remover


Fill a bottle 1/3 full with hydrogen peroxide and then fill the rest with water to get rid of those pesky stains.

Heavy Duty Stain Remover

Get your seats the cleanest they have ever been with this cleaning hack.

Baby Wipes For Windows

Keep baby wipes in your car for any time you need to clean your windows. These are great at cleaning up messy spills too!

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