10 Go To Tips To Keep Your Face Clear And Smooth

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If you struggle with acne, dry skin, redness or any other skin issues — the cure can simply be in the way you care for your skin. While washing and moisturizing your skin is a must to obtain a clear complex, this is not the way to flawless skin. If you want to see a major change in your skin — try these 10 helpful tips below.

Be gentle with your skin

Nothing wears your skin down more than something brushing up against it in a rough way. When applying skin care products try to be as gentle as possible.

Don’t use harsh skin care products on your face

Skin care products can contain sometimes harmful ingredients that can do serious damage to your face. Make sure to double check all the ingredients and keep the skin care products you use on your fash as natural as possible.

Reduce your alcohol and dairy intake

Dairy and alcholic drinks can try your skin out cause it to look dry and flaky. Reducing the amount you intake daily will help keep your skin looking smooth.

Try not to over wash

Overwashing your face can make your skin produce more oil than normal. If your face still feels oily after washing it try using Green Tea or Apple Cider Vinegar as a natural astringents.

Eat more berries

Berries have a lot of antioxidants and vitamin C, berries also are low on glycemic which helps not raise your blood sugar this will help reduce pimples from popping up.

Keep your hands off your face

Hands can be really rough on the face which can over time wear down your skin.

Drink more water

Water helps hydrate the body and keeps skin from drying out. The more water you drink the least chances you have of getting dehydrated.

Moisturize You Face

Grab some moisturizer and a cotton swab to help get some extra moisture to your face.

Don’t use oil based products

Oily products can cause a lot of oil build up in your skin, it’s obvious why this is a bad option when trying to keep your skin smooth.

Use tomato juice on your face

Tomato juice is a natural astringent that will help break up the oil on your face.

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