10 Hacks To The Perfect Manicure At Home

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Use Ice Water to Dry Your Nails Fast

Use this method for quick drying nails every time.Source HERE

Nail Polish Stain Remover

Remove your nail polish stains without the chemicals with this hack. Source HERE

Spray With Oil Spray

Set your manicure with Pam Spray. Source HERE

Perfect Manicure How To

Learn to create the perfect manicure from HERE 

Easy Glitter Removal

Use this helpful tip next time you are using glitter. Source HERE

DIY Cuticle Treatment

Try this cuticle treatment to get healthy nails. Source HERE

Perfect Red For Your Skin Tone

Find the prefect red polish that suits your skin tone. Source HERE

Nail Hack

Try this tip on your next manicure. Source HERE

Glittered Nails

Get this beautiful glitter nails by dipping them in vinegar.

Vinegar For Longer Lasting Polish

Make your nail polish last longer with this hack HERE 

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