10 Meow Worthy DIYs For Cats

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Cats bring so much love and joy to our lives everyday — so why not make them feel super special with a new toy, a stylish scratch post or a self petting station for those days when you’re away and are unable to give them a good rub. These 10 DIYs are easy and they are the purrfect way to show your special feline just how much they mean to you.

Self Petting Station

Your cat will love this self petting station so they can always get a good scratch when you’re not around.

DIY Cat Puzzle Tutorial

With a few simple supplies you can create your cat this interactive cat puzzle.

Cat Shelves

Cats will love these easy and stylish cat shelves that are way more effective than those bulky cat trees.

Cats like to relax too and this cat hammock is the perfect way for them to do just that — it’s easy too!

Wand Toy & Scratch Pad

These wand toy and scratch pad DIYs are a stylish way to display your cat toys for them to be entertained while being stuck indoors.

DIY Cat Tent

Got an old T-shirt and some wire hangers laying around? turn them into an awesome DIY cat tent.

Natural Cat Toys

Keep your cat entertained, while being worry free from harmful chemicals in store bought cat toys with these DIY cat toys.

DIY Peek-a-Boo Box Cat Toy

If you’re a cat owner than you are fully aware of their love of boxes, so this fun peek-a-boo toy is the perfect DIY and easy too!

DIY Cat Enclosure

Buying a cat enclosure of this size would cost near $700, while this DIY cat enclosure can be made for under $100 — wow!

DIY Cat Water Fountain Under $15

Skip a store bought water fountain and instead make this super easy and cheap cat water fountain for under $15.

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