10 Of The Best DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts

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It’s teacher appreciation week! This means it’s time to show all those hard working teachers some love, and what better way to do that than with a DIY? Pre-K, Kindergarten, Middle School, High School and College Teachers all deserve a little something to show just how much you appreciate all they do on a daily basis to help young minds grow. Choose a DIY below to create the perfect gift for the teachers in you and your kids life to show your appreciation.

Berry Sweet Teacher Appreciation Gift

Show the sweet teacher(s) in your life appreciation by making this {DIY} strawberry shortcake in a jar.

Candy Uh-Mason Jar

This “Sweet and Uh-Mason Teacher” gift is cute and so simple to put together. Find out if the teacher you’re giving to likes chocolates or candy, fill it up and add this {free downloadable tag} to attach.

Teacher Appreciation Flower Pot

Everyone loves flowers, especially if they are in a {DIY} flower pot as creative and fun as this one.

Popcorn Themed Teachers Gift

This is the perfect idea if you’re gifting to many teachers, grab a box of popcorn and attach this super cool {free printable} to the bags with string.

You’re the Bear-y Best Teacher

I personally love gifts with a punny touch, and this {DIY}  is a seriously cute idea for teachers.

Nacho Ordinary Teacher Gift

This is the perfect gift for coming out of Cino De Mayo weekend into Teacher Appreciation Week. Create this yummy {DIY} in no time at all.

Dry Erase Simple Gift

Gifting your teacher(s) with supplies that they use everyday is a great idea when thinking up the perfect gift. This {DIY} is easy enough to do last minute, but still shows you care.

Teacher Supply Cake

This is a great gift idea! Stock your teachers supply drawers with this awesome {DIY} school supply cake.

Teachers Emergency Stash

When in doubt give the gift of sweets! This will bring a smile to any teachers face, and it’s super east too. Fill a bead organizer with mini treats, and add this {free printable tag} to make this tasty gift.

Gift Basket

If you’re on a tight budget, but still want to give your child’s teachers something special — a {DIY} gift basket is a perfect choice. You can find the baskets and loads of goodies to fill it with at your local dollar store.

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