10 Valentine Activities For Kids

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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and that means it’s the perfect time to incorporate some fun activities to celebrate the love with your little ones. We have gathered 10 of the best Valentine day filled activities and crafts that will bring loads of fun for the family.

Valentine’s Day Play-Dough

10 Valentine Activities For Kids
Your little ones will love playing with this Valentine’s Day Play-Dough. {source}

Cardboard Roll Heart Stamp

Stamps are fun, but these cardboard roll stamps are even more fun! {source}

Fizzing Heart Art Eruptions

Get their hearts Fizzing with joy over this fun art activity {source}

Shaving Cream Hearts

Create these adorable hearts with only a few supplies you probably already have on hand {source}

Giant Alphabet Heart Matching Game

10 Valentine Activities For Kids
Your kids will love learning with this giant matching game {source}

Candy Heart Experiments

Let your little ones turn into scientists using leftover candy hearts {source}

I Love You Handprint Valentine’s Day Card

These cards are easy and fun! Keep as a keepsake or gift them {source}

Valentine’s Day Heart Toss Game

10 Valentine Activities For Kids
This heart toss game is fun for all ages {source}

Valentine’s Day Themed Sensory Bin

10 Valentine Activities For Kids
Sensory bins are a perfect way to get kids minds in play and this one is perfect for valentines day {source}

Valentine Pom Pom Painting

Such a fun way to take painting up a notch {source}

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