10 Ways To Celebrate International Day Of Awesomeness

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Today is ‘International Day Of Awesomeness‘ so you know what that means? today should be more awesome than ever before! If you have been wanting to try something new, pick up a new hobby or go someplace you’ve never been before — today is that day to make your wishes into a reality. Today is designed to be a day of fun—a day to not be taken too seriously. One of the days’ taglines is “Because everyone needs an excuse to be awesome.” Make your day one to remember with these 10 ideas to make your day awesome.

Go Someplace New

We all have someplace in mind that we want to visit. Whether it is a new state, a new nail salon or a new restaurant just go and enjoy this day of awesomeness.


Skydiving is on many peoples bucket list and if you’re one of those people just go for it! The feeling of flying through the sky can be very freeing and can give you an entire new outlook on life. Jumping from a plane isn’t your thing? Try rock climbing or hiking.

Learn Something

Is there something you have always wanted to learn? playing an instrument, cooking, dancing or a sport — just do it, why wait … now is the time — you deserve some awesomeness.

Quality Friend Time

Get your friends together and enjoy this day together making some awesome memories. Friends make the day even better and you all can pick something fun you can do as a group. Movies, spa, lunch and drinks are some ideas that are perfect for a day with friends.

Talk To Your Crush

If you have been secretly crushing on someone, why not talk to them today, yes today! Find a way to spark up a convo and see how it goes. On this day it might just turn out awesome.

Plan A Date

If you’re in a relationship make your significant others day awesome by planning a day that the both of you can enjoy. Go to someplace you both have wanted to go or do something you both have always wanted to try — surprise them with a fun date night and remember — make it awesome.

Start Exercising

There is no better way to make yourself feel better than with exercising. Start an exercise plan and begin today! You will continue to feel awesome while seeing changes in your body, energy and attitude.

Give Back

Giving back not only helps those in need, but it makes you feel good and that is what an awesome day is all about — feeling good. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, donate things you don’t need, give food to a struggling family or hand out some $1’s and $5’s to homeless people on the street. Get involved and feel awesome.

Start A Savings

Starting a savings gives you a better, more positive outlook on your future. Start a savings today, it doesn’t have to be a lot of money just enough to get you started to a more secure financial future. Having some extra cash saved up gives you peace of mind, security and confidence and those are definitely the makings of an awesome day and life.

Do Nothing

Some think of an awesome day as doing absolutely nothing. If you’re one of those people, than this ones for you! Sit on your couch, start a new Netflix binge session and pig out on your favorite snacks. Stay in bed, read a book, order in your favorite food, take a bubble bath and just stay in your p.j’s all day (this is my kind of awesome).

Regardless of what you do today — you’re awesome!