10 White Elephant Gifts Under $10

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White Elephant Gift Exchanges, or as some call it, Dirty Santa, is a popular Christmas game where people compete to walk away with the best present. The goal when searching for the perfect White Elephant Gift is to bring entertainment — the more humorous, the better! Whether for a Christmas office party, family gifts or a gag gift for a friend, if you are on the hunt for the perfect elephant gift, we’ve listed 10 White Elephant Gifts Under $10 below that are sure to leave an impression.

White Elephant Gift Christmas Toilet Paper Gift

Description: Don’t know what to give that special person, in-law, co-worker for Christmas? Give this funny, memorable gift of humorous toilet paper before giving anything else! It’s sure to bring lots of laughs! {buy here}

Hillbilly Hair Dryer

Description: This item is meant as a novelty gift/gag gift/white elephant gift only. Great for family, friends, co-workers, secret santa, stocking stuffers, birthday gifts, etc.{buy here}

Starbucks Junkie Ornament

Description: This glass ornament is a perfect gift for those coffee & Starbucks addicts! {buy here}

Funny Adult Humor Kitchen Towels

Description: Our kitchen towels are an ideal present for anyone you’d like to make smile. They make perfect gifts for your family and friends! {buy here}

Coffee Tumbler Ceramic Coffee Mug

Description: Put some coffee in your coffee. Wait, what? This mug is so meta it’ll BLOW. YOUR. MIND. Dude.
Perfect for coffee, tea, hot cocoa, whatever, this mug makes a fun addition to any kitchen. Great as a gift, too! {buy here}

Redneck Bubble Bath

Description: Sweet, soapy bubble bath? No, thanks! Go organic and “make your own bubbles”! Redneck Bubble Bath features an ample supply of beans, allowing you to create an extra-bubbly bath experience. {buy here}

Funny Kitchen Apron Sexy Men Aprons 

Descriptions: Spice up your life with a little attitude.Add extra fun for you life and work. Great for a Gift, Souvenirs, Parties. {buy here}

Grow A Boyfriend

Description: One grow-a-boyfriend. Just submerge in water to watch him grow. Begins to grow in 2 hours, reaches full size in 72 hours, and can be removed from water to return to original size and regrown any number of times. {buy here}

Blue Q Funny Gum – Cat Butt

Description: If you’ve got a lot of attitude to pass around, this gum is just right for you! Includes 8 peppermint pieces of “Kiss My Ass” attitude per box. {buy here}

Fred & Friends Borrow My Pen

Description: Assorted Ball Pens Hand the pens out to your friends, your parole officer, your boss. When you say ‘Borrow My Pen?’ {buy here}

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