11 Awesome DIY Gifts

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Nothing shows how much you care for someone like a DIY gift does. Enjoy these 11 totally awesome DIY gifts that are perfect for any age 🙂

Matchbook Camera With Picture Prompts

11 Awesome DIY Gifts

Give this DIY Matchbook camera to the photographer or picture lover in your life.

Source: magicaldaydream

Candy Gram Birthday Card

Give this gigantic candy gram (printable) birthday card for that special someone in your life. They can keep the card and eat the candy!

Source: who-arted

Wine And Chocolate Pineapple Bottle

Take the birthday girl/boys favorite wine and glue Ferrero Rocher chocolate all the way up then add fake Pineapple topper. Finish off with plastic wrap and a bow. TIP: If they are not a wine drinker replace it for welchs sparkling juice.

Source: imgur

Scratch Off Hearts

Make this special scratch off card to scratch off 10 days leading up to their birthday to make them feel super special. Turn this into a scavenger hunt by adding hints where to look for presents under each scratch.

Source: youtube

Quick Bread in a Bottle

This is a great gift to give to a baker or if a friend can’t cook this is perfect because they can feel like a cook with little effort.

Source: sunset

A Day of Presents

11 Awesome DIY Gifts

Give 12 gifts from 9am-9pm to make the birthday girl/boy feel so special. This is especially great for little ones birthdays.

Source: ldr13

Money Pizza

Who wouldn’t want money instead of pizza? This is a fun and unique gift and perfect for a teenager.

Source: bollingwith5

Gift In A Cup

Sometimes you just don’t know what to buy a person so gift cards are the safest way to go. Take a cup and add a few pieces like lips balm and candy along with a gift card for a great DIY gift.

Source: somuchtodew

Cake Bath Bomb

Whats better than bath bombs as a gift? Cake bath bombs that’s what!

Source: apumpkinandaprincess

Ice Cube Tray Chocolates

Make chocolates to give as the perfect gift to a chocolate lover. Easy to make and endless ways to make them add them in a cute jar with a ribbon and tag.

Source: TipHero

Easy Pineapple Candles

11 Awesome DIY Gifts

How cute are these DIY pineapple candles? These would be the perfect gift for someone who loves candles or pineapples! You’ll want to make some for yourself.

Source: happinessishomemade

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