11 Of The Easiest & Useful DIY Projects Ever!

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There are those people who can create extravagant things, like chairs out of toothpicks — then there are people like me, who unless it comes with instructions, I’m clueless. I love coming across easy DIYs, especially useful ones, because even though I’m not the most handy when it comes to building much,  I too really enjoy making awesome projects on my own. Ok, enough with the small talk, keep scrolling for 11 of the easiest DIYs that even us less skilled can make.

Button Thumb Tacs

11 Of The Easiest & Useful DIY Projects Ever!
Hang appointments and pictures to your bulletin board in the cutest way by spicing up your plain tacs with buttons — awesome! {DIY}

Citrus Fruit Serving Trays

Serving lemonade and strawberries this summer doesn’t have to be boring with this easy {DIY} fruit serving tray.

Easy DIY Whiteboards

It doesn’t get much easier than this 5 minute {DIY} whiteboard that.

How to Make a Vintage Book Planter

Plant your succulent plant in an old book for an eye catching, easy to make {DIY}

DIY Branch Coasters

Loving the look of these natural {DIY} branch coasters.

Hexagon Honeycomb Shelves Made With Popsicle Sticks

Reuse all those Popsicle sticks this summer by making these really cool hexagon shelves{DIY}

DIY Door Mat

Welcome your guests with a personalized {DIY} door mat.

Branch Swing Shelves

Store your children’s stuffed animals in the cutest way with this easy to follow {DIY}

Magic Zen Jars

Enjoy the magic behind these entertaining magic zen jars {DIY}

Homemade Pink Lemonade Sugar Scrub

This is an easy {DIY} to pamper yourself or the perfect gift to give to a friend.

Wood Slice Photo Transfer

Take your favorite photo and transfer it to a wood slice for a great gift idea {DIY}

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