11 Ordinary Things That Women Wear That Men Find Super Sexy

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Women are amazing in every sort of way possible. They can accomplish so many things easily the same as any men, it’s great. However, when it comes to sex appeal, women win by default. 

It could be some nice stilettos paired with skin-tight skirts, or the basic black lingerie type that drives men wild.  Whatever it is that they could be wearing, men will find a way to feel attracted to them. Whether it’s a Pikachu onesie or just normal sneakers, women can pull off anything to make it look sexy. 

With that being said, here are 11 of the most ordinary things that women wear that men find super sexy. 

11 Ordinary Things That Women Wear That Men Find Super Sexy

1. Comfy Pajamas

When you think about PJ’s they definitely don’t sound or look sexy at first glance. They are the complete opposite. An ordinary and the most basic form of clothing a woman can have. 

It feels like heaven to sleep in and women feel at home when they get into their jammies at the end of a long, hard day. However, those cute paw printed or polka dotted jammies still have a certain sensuality about them. 

Wearing a PJ means women don’t really care about how they look, and that’s precisely what men find sexy. All they are looking for is comfort and coziness. 

The ‘deal with it’ attitude that comes with it is the perfect reverse psychology that makes those paw printed jammies super sexy. 

2. Torn Old T-shirts

We all have old t-shirts that have holes in them or are torn in places. They could be old rock metal t-shirts, your old college t-shirts, or a random t-shirt you cut the sleeves off of to give you a grungy look at the time. 

Well, time for those t-shirts to make a grand comeback. Not only are they comfortable to wear, but they are super breezy as well. Not all men find these ratty old t-shirts sexy, but those who do, take full advantage of it.

These t-shirts have gone through the worst and are worn too thin. They compliment a woman’s body in the sexiest way possible. What better way to drive your man crazy than wearing your or theirs torn, old college t-shirt? 

It’s the way you feel comfortable in a torn t-shirt that drives men crazy. So, embrace the breeziness and get those old t-shirts out! 

11 Ordinary Things That Women Wear That Men Find Super Sexy

3. Baseball Caps

Wearing caps of any kind intrigues men to ask several questions. Baseball caps are also one of the basic things a woman can wear to complete her outfit. 

It could be a relaxed, sporty look they can wear to game night with her bae or just chilling out with some friends late at night. Another plausible explanation would be hiding a very messy bed head that they tried all morning to fix which had to be hidden away by a cap. 

Whatever it is, they pull it off with ease and make it look comfortable and cool. And also successfully leave men awestruck by the sheer simplicity of it. 

11 Ordinary Things That Women Wear That Men Find Super Sexy

4. Wearing Glasses

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… a girl wearing glasses who could be the next superhuman leading double lives to make men feel more curious than they already are. 

Men have this notion that women who wear glasses give off a nerdy, intelligent vibe. Even though sometimes that’s not true because mostly they are just too blind to see. 

However, men find women who wear glasses attractive as well. Something about those horn-rimmed glasses make you want to get to know them more and find out what they are like when they take those glasses off.  

It’s like they have a dual personality. When they take their glasses off they are someone else entirely. It makes sense how Superman can blend in so easily.  

11 Ordinary Things That Women Wear That Men Find Super Sexy

5. The White Top Phenomena

It’s a silent rule amongst women that with any white top they need to wear something white underneath it as well. According to Faveable however, the power of a black bra under a white top can be phenomenal. 

Forget strapless bras and matching tank tops, bring out your best black bras. 

Whether it’s her own white tank top or your wife beaters she’s wearing the black bra with, she’ll look good in it regardless. 

This style makes a bold fashion statement that you are too lazy to care about the social norms of wearing a white top with a white strapless bra. 

The blatant rebel vibe of it is sexy enough to turn heads and also forces you to acknowledge that she’s sexy and setting a trend as well. 

6. Messy Hair, Don’t Care

There’s a lot going on behind the messy, unkempt hair of a woman. One would think they wake up and that’s how the hair stays perfectly messy. 

That’s far from the case. The messy bun that men see on most women these days are all carefully styled to look that way. It works too! The messy hair sends a message that she’s a carefree and easy going person whom you can approach to strike up a conversation. 

Additionally, there are women who actually just don’t care about the way they tie their hair. They don’t go out of their way to make a fashion statement about it. They really are running late and that’s the best that could do. 

Which is even more sexy to most men. Something about them being clumsily late to meetings with a messy bun can stir their intrigue.  

7. His Boxers

This needs no further explanation but we’ll get into it anyway. If your significant other likes wearing your clothes, never say no. whether it’s your buttoned-up shirt, hoodie, or just a t-shirt. 

It’s a treat to the eyes when you see them walking around the house wearing your boxers. There’s something intimate about her wearing your already worn boxers and feeling at her best and make things quite suggestive. 

8. Sweatpants

The mother of all things comfortable – sweatpants. The soft and cozy apparel is not only laid back but also pretty easy to take off. 

The random visit from the grocery store wearing her sweats can be a nice sight to behold. Especially those sweats that have some form of a message written on them. 

They are placed so cleverly that you’ll have no choice but to look. There’s nothing sexier than a woman being completely at ease wearing sweats that say ‘juicy’ on her back.

9. Going Au Naturel

Many men have this misconception that women wear makeup to please men. That’s not the case at all. Women glow up for other women. A compliment on the color of her lipstick makes her day, not what men think about it. 

11 Ordinary Things That Women Wear That Men Find Super Sexy

That being said, a bare-faced woman out with her man means she’s extremely confident about the way she looks without it and her man appreciates that as well.

But even I can see what he means—at least when it comes to other women: there’s something disarming and approachable about an un-ornamented face.

10. Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans don’t literally mean her own boyfriend’s jeans. It’s jeans (that’s very expensive) designed to look like it’s her boyfriend’s. For those who can’t tell, looking at women wearing boyfriend jeans can be really sexy.

Makes them wonder what kind of night she must have had to be still wearing his jeans. So many questions and so many possible hot answers. The ripped denim looks exceptionally exquisite on her figure and gives it a sensual kind of vibe. 

11. Thank God For Yoga Pants

Last but not least – Yoga Pants. Extremely form fitted pants that not only looks amazing but feels great as well. 

Yoga pants make you turn your head and you don’t even care if you’re bumping into someone. 

They hold that much power over a man. So, thank the creators of yoga pants every day and watch your girl walk out wearing those to her yoga class. Your eyes deserve the treat and she needs to be appreciated for giving you that particular blessing.  

Final Thoughts

It’s not this list of 11 things that women wear that men find sexy. There are a lot of simple and neat things women wear every day that make men go crazy. They could be the most normal and basic things ever and men would still find it sexy. 

If you find a totally random and basic thing on a woman extremely sexy let us know in the comments! 

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