11 Unique Ways To Protect Yourself If You Are Ever Attacked

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If you were ever attacked would you know what to do? Being able to protect yourself is one of the most important things in today’s time, and when you are out alone it can help save your life having some sort of protection to fight back against an attacker. Don’t be vulnerable in an unexpected attack — instead be prepared with these 11 great ways to help defend yourself without using a gun.

Pocket Knife

Among the more lethal ways to defend yourself if being attacked, but it works and there are multiple ways you can use a pocket knife to defend yourself. You’ll be capable of seriously injuring your attacker in the stomach, legs, arms or chest, and it takes minimal effort to cause major damage to your attacker,

Pepper Spray

A great self defense tool and is much less than lethal than other options. Its has effects that cause the eyes to close, taking away your attacker’s vision. Pepper spray can cause temporary blindness and render the person who’s attacking you helpless allowing you a chance to escape and seek help.


This is sometimes called a stun gun regardless of what you call it, this will do the job in protecting you. A standard taser gun has 50,000 volts that will be sent into the attacker’s body taking away their ability to move and continue attacking you. It’s a good idea to know that a taser is for far range up to 15 feet self defense while a stun gun is meant for close range.

Ballpoint Pen

To protect yourself with a ballpoint pen you’ll have to learn to defend yourself by striking in the right places. This isn’t your normal way of protecting yourself but some people may be a little uncomfortable using a knife and this is a great option. Google or YouTube ways you can use this method to defend yourself in an attack.


If you’re riding a bike or motorcycle this can be a handy tool of self defense. A helmet can be used to protect you from being struck as well as help you fight back from someone attacking you by using your head to knock them in the face.


This doesn’t only mean a regular flashlight — a tactical flashlight is a better choice when it comes to using it for self defense. This little flash light can be used for multiple purposes. If you’re being attacked you can flash the attacker in the eyes and escape or use it to call for help. You can also unscrew the lens and expose the bulb of the flashlight to defend yourself from an attacker.

Hot Drink

This is a quick and fast way to defend yourself hot coffee or tea can seriously stop someone from attacking you. Throw the coffee onto the person trying to attack you and get to safety before they recollect themselves.


Use a cane to fight back against someone who’s attacking you. There is also the more advanced stun canes which can carry up to 750,000 – 1,000,000 volts this will help you stop anyone from attacking you and be a great option when hiking or if you’re looking to drop the old cane and get one that protects you more.


Umbrella’s can be used to strike and poke at someone who needs to defend themselves from an unexpected attack.  Make sure you use the pointy end and jab into the groin, thigh or stomach area to defend yourself.


To use this method you’d need to wrap one of the ends over your fist and use the other end to fight back. A good place to aim is towards the softer parts of the body such as the stomach and face area. Wrapping a belt around the neck of your attacker can cause them to lose their breath as well.

Self Defense Class

What better way to fight back than to know how to fight without any weapon at all. Learning to defend yourself by taking fighting classes can leave you feeling at ease knowing you don’t need to reach for a weapon — be your own weapon, and feel safe if an attacker ever approaches.

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