11-Year-Old Boy Sticks His Tongue To A Frozen Pole Mimicking “A Christmas Story”

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11-year-old Spencer Cline’s curiosity got the best of him when he stuck his tongue to a frozen pole to mimic the movie “A Christmas Story” — an outcome that was very painful.

The boy confessed to Beacon-News that the idea came from the scene when the boy took on a dare and stuck his tongue to a frozen pole which caused his tongue to very painfully get stuck. However, Cline wasn’t dared to do so, he was just curious, and what seemed like harmless fun —  turned into the exact scene from the popular Christmas movie.

The boy panicked,while his friend went off to search for hot water, then he called an ambulance to help his friend. According to the boy, it felt like half his tongue remained on the pole when it was removed– ouch!

Spencer and his tongue are expected to make a full recovery.

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