12 Awesome DIY Baby Shower Ideas

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The new year means new babies, and with new babies, comes baby showers! I have thrown, attended, and have had multiple baby showers myself, so when it comes to all things baby, I know a thing or two. If you are planning to throw someone a shower soon, or you have one that you’re helping to plan for yourself, you’ll want to check out these 12 Awesome DIY Baby Shower Ideas.

A Baby Shower Diaper Wreath

Coming from a mom-of-three, there can NEVER be too many diapers given at a baby shower. This Baby Shower Diaper Wreath is not only a cute way to gift the mom-to-be with some extra dipers but it’s also super easy to make. {DIY}

Filter Poms Tutorial

Coffee filters are for mch more than just making coffee! These Filter Poms would look so perfect at any baby shower. {DIY}

Baby Q Shower

Nothing makes  pregnant mama more happy than food, so throwing a Baby Q shower is a great idea, and perfect for warmer weather. Simple things like a hot/veggie dog bar with all the condiments and pickles, LOTS of pickles. This idea with taking hot sauce and adding a tag that reads “Temper Tantrum Sauce” is so cute! Check out the many other ideas you can create for your Baby Q {HERE}

Raindrop Umbrella

Seriously, how cute it this idea? this is a play on the name baby “shower” and it will be a great theme idea for a shower. {DIY} Serving water as drinks, gifting umbrellas to guests and making these adorable raindrop cookies will really make the shower come together.

Ready To Pop Bar

When it comes time to have the baby shower, the mom-to-be is almost ready to pop, so having a “ready to pop” bar will be the perfect addition to any baby shower. Popcorn, soda pop, pop rock candy, and rice crispy cereal all make for great additions to your “ready to pop bar” check out the {DIY} and be sure to grab the adorable printable sign while you’re there!

Guess The Birthday Game

Hang this fun game for guests to play at the baby shower. Highlight the due date, then have guest write their idea of when they believe the little one will actually make their arrival. It only takes some colored squares glued to poster board to make this and it will be a cute addition to your shower! {DIY}

DIY Butterfly Balloons

Ok, so I now want to make these balloons for every even possible — how cute! Attach the butterflies (found at craft stores) with  dab of hot glue and boom, instant cuteness! {DIY}

DIY Baby Socks Rose Flower Bouquet

This DIY Baby Socks Rose Flower Bouquet will not only look perfect on the table at a baby shower, it also makes for a great gift to the mom-to-be! {DIY}

DIY Floral Balloon

Make these pretty Floral Balloons to have around your shower for a beautiful touch. {DIY}

Bottle Beverages

Nothing screams baby than having guests drink from actual bottles. Since guests more than likely don’t want to drink from the bottle top, add some cute straws for a fun twist on serving beverages. {DIY}

Chalkboard Sign

Adding a chalkboard sign with sweet words and saying at any event makes it that much more special. This one for a boys shower is adorable or try “Thank heaven for little girls” if the shower is for a girl. Don’t know the gender? not a problem write a scripture or a meaningful saying instead. {DIY}.

Giant Baby Block Decorations

Oh my goodness, these giant baby blocks are legit the cutest! {DIY}

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