13 DIY Chandeliers To Bring Some Light To Your Home

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Gone are the days where chandeliers are hung only in million dollar homes. With the endless ways to make a chandelier now days, you can build one that suits your personality. It looks really awesome to have a massive illuminating piece hanging from the ceiling and it really brings a room together. Outdoor chandeliers, a chandelier made from yarn and even a chandelier made from spoons — how cool is that!? Keep scrolling for even more DIY chandeliers.

DIY Outdoor Candle Chandelier

The party doesn’t have to stop when the night comes. Create this DIY outdoor chandelier so you can hang out and enjoy those summer nights.

Solar Light Chandelier

Don’t throw out that old chandelier! You can bring some light to your outdoor space by making this easy to make solar light chandelier.

Yarn Lamp

Looking for a fun easy project? This Yarn lamp is not only fun (and a little messy) to make, but the end result is stunning, and will look great hung over your dining table, in a reading nook or a bedroom to ass extra light.

DIY Cardboard Pendant Light

The things you can make out of cardboard are almost unlimited. With some cardboard, a glue gun and a few other supplies you can create this cardboard pendant light.

Chandelier Makeover

You don’t have to buy a new chandelier, if you already have an old one on hand you can turn it from drab to fab with with this easy to follow chandelier makeover DIY.

Wine Bottle Chandelier

You can make a $400 pottery barn chandelier for only $50 with this DIY wine bottle chandelier — how cool is that?

DIY Chandelier From Wood Beads

Create a beautiful chandelier from wood beads following this easy DIY.

Birdcage Chandelier

If you have an old birdcage don’t throw it out, instead re-use it to create this unique birdcage chandelier.

DIY Hula Hoop Chandelier

If you are wanting to bring a little romantic lighting a room or outdoors this is exactly what you’re looking for! Using a hula hoop and a few other supplies your hula hoop chandelier will be up in no time.

DIY Pendant Tutorial

If you go looking for a pendant light to buy for your home it could cost hundreds. Luckily, there is a DIY for that and it will only cost $40 to create a pendant light to hang in your home — yes, loving it!

Mason Jar Chandelier

I don’t know about you guys, but I personally love mason jars! I like them to sip my ice cold tea from, to store my spices in and now to make really awesome mason jar chandeliers.

Multi Bulb Chandelier

This multi bulb DIY will look perfect over your dining room table. This chandelier looks really complicated, but the instructions are step by step and is totally doable — the end result is beautiful.

DIY Fringe Chandelier

This fringe chandelier would be a perfect party addition, added to a little girls room or in a powder room. The fringe is fun and the finished look really looks great!

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