13 Of The Most Interesting Ways To Quit Smoking

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Quitting smoking cigarettes can be really tough, but the effects it does to your body can be extremely harmful and cause a lot of health problems later on down the road. 

Here are 13 of the most interesting ways you can stop yourself from smoking cigarettes.

Hide the cigarettes from yourself

Out of sight and out of mind, by not seeing the cigarettes this may allow you to stop the habit all together.

Make a bet with a friend

Making a bet with a friend can help you kick the habit. A good example is to tell a friend if they catch you smoking you’ll give them an agreed amount eventually you’ll be discouraged to keep this habit up.

Make a deal with yourself

Tell yourself something like If I quit smoking I’ll take myself on a vacation or buy a new present for myself. You’ll save for this with the money you otherwise would of spent on cigarettes.

Replace it with a more healthier option

Every time you have a craving try chewing gum other great ideas are carrots, almonds, crackers, apples, broccoli or raisins.

Hypnotize yourself

Some people feel they’re too weak to give up the habit, relying on a trusted doctor to recommend you someone to hypnotize you may be a good option for you. Hypnosis is proven to help certain people quit smoking.

Slowly cut yourself off

If you’re a pack a day smoker it’s a good idea not to just quit cold turkey. Try drawing back slowly by giving up 1 or 2 each day instead of a whole pack continue to remove the cigarettes slowly until they’re all gone.

Eat your cigarettes

If tasting the raw nicotine doesn’t do it for you, know that just eating 50 cigarettes could be toxic enough to kill you. Long before you reach this level, your body would react with nausea and other alarming symptoms. This may be a bit extreme but could prove to helpful to those who need to stop immediately.

Eat dog biscuits

Some are known to eat dog biscuits if they have a craving for a cigarette.

Wear a sign that says do not sell me cigarettes

A simple sign on your shirt or hat could help you should you forget your trying to quit smoking. Try to wear something that says “do not sell my cigarettes” this should help stop you from buying them.

Announce that you’re are stopping

Announcing to friends and family that you are going to stop smoking can put pressure on you if you’re caught smoking after announcing you were no longer going to smoke.

Visit cancer victims who used cigarettes

Seeing people who have smoked for years and have tragic stories about what happened to them for smoking for so long can be a real eye opener. This is a good idea to wake yourself up about the effects of smoking cigarettes.

Put how much you’re saving away

According to LUNG.ORG the average price of a pack of cigarettes in the United States is approximately $ Every year, a person who smokes one pack a day will spend $2,011 on cigarettes alone.

Wear a rubber band

Wearing a rubber band around your wrist is a good idea, all you’d need to do is snap the rubber band back on your wrist each time you have a craving for a cigarette.

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