13 Of The Most Interesting Facts About Pandas

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The panda is one of the most interesting animals in the world. These facts will give you more insight the Panda.


The adult panda can weight more than 100 pounds and can be up to 5 feet long.


The panda is use to being in the wild. They can be found in thick bamboo forests. High up into the mountains around central china.


These mammals are considered omnivores, they will eat small animals sometimes, 99% of what panada eats is bamboo.


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A panda eats around 25 to 40 pounds of bamboo per day.


A panda can live 15-20 years in the wild, a more impressive 25-35 years in captivity.


Pandas have a scientific name “Ailuropoda melanoleuca” this means “black and white cat-foot”.


The baby pandas are born pink and measure only 15cm. This is considered the same size of a pencil and they’re also blind and can only open their eyes up six to eight weeks after they’re born.


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Pandas are considered a “lazy” animal. They eat and sleep for majority of their days.

The average panda will eat up to 14 hours in a full day and rest the remainder of the day away.


Pandas don’t hibernate like majority of bears.

These pandas will instead go to lowered down mountains for the warmer weather.


All pandas have 6 toes to help them grasp bamboo.

Their feet are considered to have “extra” thumbs that help them move bamboo into rolled up shapes to help eating faster.


The female panda gives birth to a cub or two every two years. The cub will stay with the mother for 18 months before moving on to live on their own.wn!


The panda is considered endangered and only about 1,000 are out there in the wild.


The baby panda learns to climb at about 5 months.

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