13 Tips For A Better Black Friday Shopping Experience

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Who’s ready for Black Friday? The excitement of the deals may be what’s on your mind. However, planning for the most busiest shopping day of the year may help you get the best out of your shopping experience. Keep scrolling for 13 tips to a better Black Friday outcome.

Fun Fact: The name “Black Friday” comes from a reference to the volume of shoppers that created traffic accidents & sometimes even violence.

1. Ask For Better Price

According to Consumer Report, “69 percent of the online shoppers who tried to negotiate a better deal on a TV, computer, or other electronic product received a price reduction. By contrast, only 59 percent of the in-store shoppers were successful. Online hagglers also received a larger discount on average ($94) than their in-store counterparts ($84).”
This is a much better deal than if you purchase any electronics for the price you see on the display.

2. Research

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Getting your research done is important if you’re going to find the best deal. You can find deals on big-ticket games or sometimes end up with products you don’t actually want.

If you have doubts, before making a purchase, it’s better to pass on it instead of making an impulse purchase.

3. Compare Prices

Comparing prices is a good idea if you’re needing to make sure you get the lowest price available.
Several retailers will mark down certain products at the last minute to move the unit faster.

4. Discount Cards

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Gift cards can offer great discounted prices! You can buy cheaper gift cards for a lower price and this will save you money on your next purchase. Black Friday gives retailers an excuse to sell their products for cheaper including gift cards.

5. Prioritize

It’s better to go super early or super late — both have their benefits. Organize your list with items you consider must purchases and find the items you’re willing to pass on if they’re too high for later.

6. Sign Up For Emails

This works better if you know the retailer you will choose. Many sites will offer deals to their mailing list. Sign up early to give the company enough time to generate the deals to you.

7. Shopping Bags Over Carts

Pushing a cart through a busy store can lead to more stops than necessary. If you brings your own bags, you can keep your products in hand and checkout faster as well. This tip only works if you’re not going to be buying items that require a shopping cart.

8. Stay Late

Stores have to get rid of certain items before Black Friday is over, they will suddenly drop prices at the last minute to get the product sold. So, if you’re able to stay late, stick around until you see these last minute deals.

9. Move Early

The earlier the better! There will be deals that you can collect on once the doors open. The quicker you get to deals, the faster you can secure the purchase and make sure no one else is able to take the deal before you can buy it.

10. Don’t Wear Employee Colors

People that wear store colors could be mistaken for employees. This could lead to other customers stopping you and asking for help with a product and keep you from continuing your shopping, leading to missed deals.

11. Plan It Out

Keeping an organize way of shopping will help you avoid being distracted by too many deals at once. Planning your trip to the store can keep you clear from making too many impulse purchases.

12. Join Loyalty Programs

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Stores will give better deals to customers that are in their loyalty programs. This also gives you a heads up on early deals and promotions. There is also a scenario that you can find out if the products you’re interested in are going to be in stock when you’re ready to make your purchase.

13. Budget

This is a great idea if you need to keep the amount of you spend under a certain number. Sticking to your budget can sometimes be very tough. Making your purchase choices before you go to the store can help with a Black Friday impulse purchase you’ll later regret. Better to know the amount you’re willing to spend ahead of time instead of running your numbers up.

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