14 Seriously Cute Toddler Costumes

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It’s time for Halloween costume shopping, and when it comes to picking out the right one for your toddler, we know you want the very best and cutest of them all. If you still haven’t figured out what you want to dress your tot as this coming Halloween, or if you want to see some seriously adorable toddlers, dressed in super cute costumes, keep scrolling.

Toddler Plush Unicorn Halloween Costume

This unicorn costume will have your little tot feeling all sorts of magical.

Pizza Slice Costume

This pizza slice costume is seriously a little slice of cuteness.

Fox Costume

What is adorable, orange, and fuzzy too? this fox costume, that’s what.

Halloween Toddler Plush Shark Halloween Costume

Your tyke will be a little bit scary and a whole lot of cute in this Plush Shark Halloween Costume.

Lil’ Piggy Halloween Costume

Dress your little one as a piglet with this Lil’ Piggy Halloween Costume.

Scarecrow Costume

This scarecrow costume isn’t scary at all and so fun to dress up as for Halloween.

Dinosaur Costume

Let your child’s RAWW’s shine in this playful dino costume.

Squiggly Pig Costume

Your little piggy will be the sweetest trick-or-treater on the block in this Squiggly Pig Costume.

Ghost Costume

What a spooootaculary delightful ghost costume.

Baby Gray Owl Costume

Owl like to say that this Baby Gray Owl Costume is so charming.

Pumpkin Costume

Keep things classic with this cuddly Pumpkin Costume.

Toddler Butterfly Costume

Let your little girl soar the world in this oh so pretty Toddler Butterfly Costume.

Clown Costume

This clown costume will have your tot feeling silly, and pretty with all the bright colors.

Lil’ Mad Hatter Costume

Your little one will be ready for a Wonderful candy gathering night in this Lil’ Mad Hatter costume.

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