15 Amazing DIY Easter Basket Ideas

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Don’t buy boring Easter baskets from the store — instead make an awesome one yourself! There are so many unique ways you can create a basket using things you know your kids will love. We have gathered some amazing DIY ideas so you can get started on your creation.

DIY Egg Shaped Easter String Basket

Possibly the prettiest basket out there! Looks difficult to create, but it really isn’t hard to make these Egg Shaped Baskets {source}

Umbrella Easter Baskets

Ditch the basket all together and gift your child with an umbrella that they can use on rainy days — genius! {source}

Baby Easter Basket

Why use a basket when you can fill the back of a dump truck instead? Love this idea! {source}

DIY Avengers Easter Basket

A cheap tin pail, some Mod Podge and a napkin with any character your little one likes is all it takes to create this awesome Easter “basket” {source}

Stroller Basket

15 Amazing DIY Easter Basket Ideas
If you have a little girl obsessed with all things girly this is perfect. Fill up a baby stroller with things she will love. You could fill it with clothes, shoes, sunglasses or baby doll accessories {source}

Kiddie Pool Basket

If you want to make an over-sized basket use a kiddie pool. This is a great idea if you have miutiple kids and want to create on big basket — bonus: they can have fun in the pool after {source}

Beach Towel & Pool Noodle Basket

Another way to use every part of the basket, a towel for the base and a pool noodle for the handle = super cool! {source}

Frozen Easter Basket

What little girl wouldn’t go gaga over a Frozen themed basket? If your little princess isn’t a big fan of Frozen you can switch out the tulle colors to go along with her favorite character {source}

Rain Boot Easter Basket Idea

Stuff some treats into s new pair of rain boots that your kids can wear on those rainy days {source}

DIY Candy Easter Basket

Is there really ever enough candy? If the answer is no than this basket is exactly what you’re looking for {source}

No-Sew Fabric Easter Basket

How cute are these no-sew baskets that can be used to store away things once Easter is over {source}

Trolls Movie Easter Basket Idea

Can’t stop the feeling these adorable baskets are giving off — a must for princess poppy fans {source}

Creative Easter Baskets for Teen Girl

If you have a teen girl she would love this Easter basket gift set — also great idea for a friend {source}

Easter Basket For Teen Boy

This is a cool idea for the teen boy in your life that you’re buying for — snacks and a new hat = score! {source}

Wagon Easter Basket

Wagons make for the perfect typical Easter basket replacement. Load it up with toys, stuffed animal, coloring supplies and sweets {source}

Need some good Easter basket stuffers that are beyond the candy? — check out 45 Non-Candy Easter Basket Stuffers

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