15 Best DIY “Selfie” Themed Party Ideas

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Nothing like a good ole selfie!

In today’s time it’s all about the selfie, no seriously, selfie taking is at its all time high and there are no signs of that fact slowing down anytime soon — if ever! Selfies are fun no doubt, capturing some of the best memories with a simple click of a button, and scrolling through 100’s of selfies taken to post the right one for everyone to see. In a time when it’s all about the selfie, a selfie party seems like the most perfect party choice. Perfect for teenagers, or anyone who likes to take countless selfies. These party ideas are perfect for bringing your selfie themed party to life!


When planning a selfie party its all about the backdrop(s). Make selfie taking the highlight of the party by giving guests super awesome backdrops to take their selfies in front of, because its only Instagram worthy with an awesome background. Check out these awesome backdrop DIYs to turn your party into a selfies paradise — D.I.Y. Photo Booth Backdrop for $10Affordable DIY Photobooth,and DIY Giant paper flowers — cool pic, bro!

The Props

Let’s face it, selfies are way more fun when props are involved, like these cute & crafty photobooth props or these awesome photo props {here} With these DIYs your party will be Prop-Tastic!


15 Best DIY
Nothing ties a party all together like some awesome, festive decorations. Balloons, streamers and music are a few things that will bring your party to life, adding on some funky DIY selfie themed pieces like this DIY photo garland that would be perfect to hang at your selfie party and making a Polaroid guest book station would tie everything together.

Sweets & Food

15 Best DIY

What’s a party without cake, cookies and good snacks? it’s not a party at all really. To have a good party the food has to be great, like these Social Media Icon Cookies that look awesome and taste yum! or try out this Instagram Cake made from chocolate mousse with chocolate glaze — so good. When it comes to food anything goes really pizza, sushi, snow cones and cotton candy are all some picture worthy foods to have at your selfie party.

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