28 Celebrities Who Are Proud Vegans

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Celebrities are well known for crazy diets and just like us they are always looking to better their lifestyle in anyway they can. Veaganism is nothing new and in today’s time being a vegan has become more accepting — with it being much easier to grab animal-free food almost anywhere you go. Let’s take a look at the celebrities who chose to say no to meat and go full on vegan.

Alicia Silverstone

“Once I went vegan, I lost the weight I wanted to lose, my nails were stronger, and my skin was glowing. I feel great and I look better now than I did 11 years ago.”

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen and her wife, Portia has a deep love for animals so they are both proud vegans.

Petra Nemcova

Petra Nemcova became a vegan in 2007.

Jared Leto

Jared Leto and the rest of his 30 Seconds To Mars bandmates are all strict vegans.

Woody Harrelson

28 Celebrities Who Are Proud Vegans

Woody is an advocate of the raw food diet meaning he only consumes fruit, veggies and nuts.

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin was born and raised as a vegan and is an ambassador for animal cruelty prevention charity, PETA.

Casey Affleck

Casey Affleck and his wife Summer Phoenix are both proud vegans.

Ariana Grande

Ariana became full on vegan in 2013. “I love animals more than I love most people, not kidding.”

Lea Michele

“It’s about being good to your body and the planet. I’m a foodie, but I think it’s much more fun to find things on the menu that are good for me.”

Miley Cyrus

Miley became vegan in 2014.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has been a vegan now for years and wishes his kids would also follow in his footsteps.

Alec Baldwin

“I quit eating beef when I was somewhere between 10 and 13 because we do have cows and I did bottle feed them and stuff like that. They were like my pets. I had an incident one day that made me refuse to eat beef ever, ever again. Later on, my neighbor had pigs, and I thought they were cute, and it just kind of went on and on from there. I phased it out over a period of time. My parents were actually banding calves. I don’t know if you know what that means. I’m not going to explain it to you. … Basically, it was to make them grow bigger so people could eat them, and they were so cute, and it just made me sad.”

Steve O

”I got into being vegan because I was simply looking to benefit from being more compassionate’’

Alanis Morissette

Alanis has been vegan since 2009. “I’m back to what I was born to be, at my best… I feel very alive… I have no more aches and pains, and my allergies are gone, too.”

Russell Brand

In 2011 Russell Brand said “I’m now vegan, goodbye eggs, hello Ellen.”

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson became a vegetarian at the age 11. She later became aware of slaughterhouses and went full on vegan and she says by doing so “everything improved.”

Bill Clinton

After losing 24lbs after going vegan, Former US President Bill Clinton was named PETA’s Person Of 2010 after he began promoting the benefits of vegan eating.

Jenna Dewan Tatum

Jenna Dewan Tatum gave meat up at a young age and after being diagnosed with lactose-intolerance she became vegan and credits her glowing skin and slim figure to her vegan way of life.

Jennifer Lopez

“It’s basically no dairy, no meat, everything is just plant based and just from the ground. I love that I’m eating more greens. It makes you feel so much better.”

Liam Hemsworth

Liam became vegan in 2015. “The more I was aware of, the harder and harder it was to do,” he told Men’s Fitness, of eating meat.

Tobey Maguire

Tobey became vegan in 2009.

Emily Deschanel

Zoey Deschanel’s sister, Emily is vegan and tries to bring her co-stars over to the veggie side. “David Boreanaz used to make fun of me for being a vegan,” she said. “But then I started giving him vegan food to eat, and he loves it. Now he tries to eat vegetarian one day a week.”

Kate and Rooney Mara

Sisters Kate and Rooney are proud vegans. Kate said giving up dairy was the hardest part of becoming vegan. Mara is also gluten-free.

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde has been vegetarian since 12 years of age, and has been following a mostly plant based diet for the past few years.


“Veganism should be a happy thing, not a miserable one. And we shouldn’t make people feel bad or guilty for their lifestyle choices, even if they reject veganism.”

Stevie Wonder

“I like not eating meat”, he said. “But I do miss the chicken.”

Demi Moore

Demi Moore is vegan and follows a strict raw diet lifestyle.

Natalie Portman

“I’m vegan, and I drink a lot of water. If I have dairy, I immediately break out.”

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