29-Year-Old Mom Dies After Brazilian Butt Lift Goes Wrong

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Leah Cambridge, 29, who went in for a procedure to get her butt lifted, is believed to have died during the £3,000 procedure. The Brazilian mom of three died after going in for a ‘Brazilian butt lift’ at a celebrity clinic in Turkey. It is reported that she collapsed and and then died in the operating room at the Elite Aftercare clinic in Izmir, a clinic who is liked by many celebrities.

Her longtime boyfriend, Scott Franks took to his Facebook to say, “I can’t believe I’m setting off to say my goodbyes to my little darling. This is going to be the hardest thing I’ve done. I can’t imagine being in house without her.

It is not known which surgeon preformed the procedure. However, the clinic’s website says the procedure is normally carried out by surgeon Dr Ali Üçkan. The website also warns against what could go wrong during surgery saying, “Surgery should not be taken lightly as there are risks in all procedures. Complications can rarely occur. Although uncommon, areas of concern can include; bleeding, infection, anaesthesia problems, fat necrosis and decreased sensation.”

Leah’s boyfriend has flown to Turkey to bring her body home and to find out what went wrong. “Two days ago I was happy. Now I’m a broken man and will be forever. I’m hurt so bad and this is only the start. My life has crashed,” Scott wrote in another Facebook post.

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