5 Basic Plumbing Tips For Homeowners

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Wait, don’t call the plumber just yet!

Owning your own home is something to be proud of for sure. However, when it comes to leaky this or a squeaky that, calling up your landlord isn’t an option any longer — shucks! With these 5 basic plumbing tips, you can save your $$$ on calling a plumber, and instead buy something you really want — like a new pair of shoes or a brand new flat screen.

Main Water Supply Line

It is important to know where your water main (the supply line of water to your house) is located, because when there is a problem the first thing to do is to turn off your water main. Be sure to locate and learn how to turn it off and back on again, in case something goes wrong. If you can’t find the water meter, call your local utility company and ask for help locating it.

Clean Your Drains

Never pour fats or cooking oils down the drain they will create clogs in your drains. Make sure that all drains have strainers to prevent hair, soap and debris from clogging the drain lines. Once a week pour one cup of vinegar down the drain and let it sit for 30 minutes. Rinse with two quarts of very hot water to prevent slow drainage in your kitchen sink. If you have a clog do perform the rinse, and then use a plunger to help the clog disappear. If your bathroom sink is clogged with hair, take a wire hanger, straighten it as much as possible, creating a hook at one end. Put the hook end down into your drain and all the hair, and gunk should attach to it pulling it right out. It helps to pout boiling water into the drain to break up all the build up as well.

Always Wear Safety Glasses & Gloves

When working with chemicals it’s always safe to wear the proper attire. Gloves, and safety glasses are important to have on while working on your plumbing, to protect yourself from bacteria, chemicals, and germs of any kind. Safety glasses should be worn in case anything flies up in your face area, your eyes will be protected.

Pay Attention To Smells

When there seems to be a problem with your plumbing, it is important to pay attention to the smells coming from your pipes to help better determine the cause of your issue. Bad smells coming from drains could mean there’s a blockage that needs to be cleared. Important note:  if you smell gas or fear there’s a leak, leave the house immediately and call you local gas company.

How to Fix a Leaky Pipe

If you have a leaky pipe, Do it yourself has a simple solution that could save you money by using epoxy putty to fix your small leak. Find your leak, Turn off your water supply, and then go to each room turning on the water to remove any excess water.  Remove any dirt and residue from pipes, then use a small piece of sandpaper and gently rub the leaking area. Wipe away any sandpaper residue with a cloth, rub epoxy putty between your fingers until it turns to a single color, then apply immediately. Make sure there is an excess over the crack and extend the putty along the pipe or fitting as far as you can avoiding overstretching, becoming less effective. Turn off all your faucets and turn your water supply back on. Test to make sure there are no more leaks, and that your putty is sealed tightly.

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