5 DIY Skeleton Decorations For Halloween

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It’s time to get out all those spooky decorations because Halloween is quickly approaching. One of the best decorations to use when trying to turn your home creepy; SKELETONS! The best part is that there are so many different ways you can incorporate them in with the rest of your decor. Keep scrolling for 5 DIY Skeleton Decorations For Halloween.

Skeleton Table

Laying a skeleton across your table may not have been the first idea you had in mind but this DIY skeleton table is just what your dining room table needs!

Specimen Jar Bones

Put those bones on display with this spooky Speciman Jar Bone DIY.

Creepy DIY Halloween Wreath

This Creepy DIY Halloween Wreath will be the perfect decor piece to add to your front door.

Bones In The Graveyard

Skeleton + graveyard = a totally spooky scene! This DIY bones in a graveyard will definitely spook a few guests out.

Creepy Eyeball Skeleton

This Creepy DIY Eyeball Skeleton is something that will bring on the chills for days to come.

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