5 Natural Ways To Cure A Hangover

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Today is National Hangover Day! today being Hangover Day makes so much since, given the fact that the most champagne is consumed on New Year’s Eve celebrating the New Year. If you drank a little too much alcohol last night or just want to know some great all natural remedies for a hangover any day of the year, keep scrolling for 5 Natural Ways To Cure A Hangover.
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Hot Bath

If you’re experiencing a hangover, hop in the bath. Hot baths are a great way to ease hangover symptoms that you may be experiencing the day after drinking heavily. Add in some Epsom Salt to help detoxify your body and relax your muscles. Be sure  not to make the water too hot, the temperature should be that of your body temperature. Turn the lights low, light some candles and play some relaxing music to really enjoy the relaxation process.


After a night of drinking, your body is begging for hydration and nothing helps more than chugging down plenty of water. Water not only hydrates your body but it will also help clean out toxins. If you need to add some flavor, try mixing some fruit into your water for a tasty fruity beverage. Blueberries would be a great addition to your H2o given their rich nutrients that fight inflammation in your body which comes in handy when fighting a hangover.


Sometimes sleep is the best medicine and this holds especially true when dealing with a hangover. Alcohol consumption disrupts your sleeping pattern so it’s more than likely that you didn’t get enough sleep the night of drinking. Try laying down and getting in few extra zzz’s to help get rid of your hangover.


Eating is very important not only before consuming alcohol but also after to help ease your hangover. Many believe bananas help cure hangovers because of their good source of B6 which is said to help with hangovers. Try eating a banana or two before bed on the night of drinking for to help with your hangover. Eggs are also said to be a great hangover food. According to Over E-Z, “eggs contain large amounts of cysteine, the substance that breaks down the hangover-causing toxin acetaldehyde in the liver’s easily depleted glutathione.”Asparagus are great to eat after a night of heavily drinking. Compounds found in asparagus help break down the alcohol, enabling the toxins to exit from your system more quickly. Steam up this yummy vegetable after a night of drinking to help fight of hangover symptoms. A few other great hangover remedy foods — watermelon, honey, ginger, tomato juice, lemon, cayenne pepper and coconut water.


It isn’t safe to exercise when experiencing a hangover, due to the fact of how dehydrated your body is, doing any vigorous workouts will only cause you to become even more dehydrated. However, yoga is a great choice when attempting to recover from a night of heavy drinking. According to Alexis Novak, an Los Angeles–based yoga and Yoga Sculpt instructor, “Yoga helps calm the nervous system, resets the endocrine system and releases toxins from your body, so it is only fitting that it would help you recover from a hangover.”  Check out 5 yoga poses over on oxygenmag.com that you can do while still in your bed.

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