5 Nutritional Yeast Health Benefits

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Being a vegan for 2 and a half years, one thing I quickly learned is how much I needed Nutritional Yeast in my life — this stuff is like heaven sent. Besides the amazing cheesy flavor that is adds to otherwise bland foods, the health benefits are insanely good for you too. These flakes can add extra protein (5 grams per tablespoon), vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to any of your favorite dishes. If you haven’t given this stuff a try, after reading these 5 Nutritional Yeast Health Benefits below, you’ll definitely want to!

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Energy Boosting

The Vitamin B-12 found in Nutritional Yeast may help boost your energy, especially for those who are deficient of this vitamin. Nutritional yeast can be a great additive for vegetarians and vegans because vitamin B12  is mostly found in animal products.

Supports Immune Function

The beta-glucan found in nutritional yeast strengthens our immune system, according to European Journal of Nutrition. Nutritional yeast works to prevent illness by stimulating our body’s defense against viruses.  Dr. Michael Gregor, author of How Not to Die says,  “These fiber compounds may actually have an anti-inflammatory effect, suggesting nutritional yeast may offer the best of both worlds, boosting the infection fighting side of the immune system while suppressing inflammatory components.”

Relieves Upset Stomach

Some research has shown that the probiotics found in nutritional yeast have helped to relieve upset stomach, diarrhea, and lactose intolerance.

Nutritional Yeast Is Good for Your Skin, Nails, and Hair

Research suggests that nutritional yeast may help with hair, skin, and nail problems.

May Protect Against Cancer

One study showed that poor selenium levels may increase your risk for cancer, particularly men. However, eating selenium-rich plant foods, such as nutritional yeast, may help fight free radicals and prevent the development of cancer cells.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Consuming Nutritional Yeast?

While nutritional yeast is considered safe to consume,  researchers recommend people who have glaucoma, hypertension, or irritable bowel disease to avoid nutritional yeast. Of coarse, anyone who is allergic to yeast should also avoid it. If you want to give this cheesy flavored seasoning a try, I highly recommend grabbing a bottle of Bragg Premium Nutritional Yeast Seasoning — the best of the best!

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