5 Potty Training Tips That Actually Work

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Potty training is not easy and it takes an immense amount of patience and time to fully go from training to trained. I know, because I have potty trained three, with my first potty training was a nightmare, pee and poo accidents were something I thought would never end — they did (thankfully). I knew I wanted to take a different approach with my second child and the results were so unbelievably successful that It also went on to work for my third child too. I had both my toddlers at age 2 completely potty trained in under a week, and you can too with these 5 helpful tips that changed my view on potty training.

Don’t Rush It

This is number one, because it is the MOST important thing to remember when getting ready for potty training — don’t rush it. One of the biggest mistakes I made with my first son was that I didn’t wait on him to be ready, yes they will show signs of being ready to begin their potty training process such as, asking to go to the potty, waning to wear big kid underpants or simply saying hey, I don’t want to wear diapers anymore. I tried way to early with my first child and he just wasn’t ready for it and I suffered big time for it lol. With my next child I looked for signs, such as her asking for princess panties and asking to sit on the potty more as she was ready to begin — for my third child it took a little longer for him to want to give up his diaper. However, when he was ready he was asking to use the big potty more and I knew it was time to start the process. A big rule to remember is to talk with your child before you begin, really make sure they understand the commitment that goes behind saying bye-bye to the diaper. Be sure you tell them NO MORE diapers and stick to it.

Take Them Shopping For Underwear

This was possibly the best thing I could of done for my youngest two before we started potty training. They loved picking out their own underwear, my daughter went for princess and my son ninja turtles they were set to go. When letting your child pick out their own special big kid underwear they will less likely want to mess them up. Telling them that if they get soiled then they will have to be thrown away makes them want to keep them clean and accident free. If you choose to use a potty seat/chair when training let them choose that too. However, I opted for no seat or chair being afraid they wouldn’t want to use public restrooms without it and they took to the big potty just fine.

Praise Them When They Use The Potty

We all like to be praised when we accomplish something great, and this works so well when you’re potty training your toddler. Every time they use the restroom they should hear much praise, because they deserve it! You can give out treats for each time they go or simply use words of encouragement. We made up a potty song and they smiled so big every time we would burst out singing, praising them for doing such a good job. Remember potty training is hard for your toddler too, it’s kind of a big deal and they need to hear encouraging words from you.

No Pull-Ups

Personally I don’t like pull-ups for daytime use, nigh time totally understandable. The reason I say no to pull-ups is because they feel like a diaper, which makes kids more susceptible to an accident. I got my two toddlers potty trained in a week because I dedicated that full week focusing on helping them reach their milestone together as a team. Try to pick a week when nothing is planned, allow your toddler to be naked or in underwear so they can know the potty is the only option when you have to go.

No Liquids Before Bedtime

When potty training, liquids are a huge no-no at bedtime. An hr before bed there shouldn’t be any liquids given to your toddlers. Try to wake up early in the morning and immediately take your little one to sit on the potty, if they have an accident don’t be too harsh, just encourage them to keep going and praise them for giving it all they got. To train our two youngest toddler to wake up and go to the potty at night if they had to pee, my husband would set them on the potty around midnight to let them empty their tanks, almost every time they had to go when being placed on the potty and by doing so they knew to get up and go if they needed to, no accidents during sleep, yes!!

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