5 Things You’ll Wish You Brought More Of While On Your Camping Trip

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You know how they say “you never know until you try” well recently we tried camping… I done a thorough {google} search on everything about camping, and the essentials we would need before actually setting out — 3 kids in tow. I ran across some very helpful articles — learning how to pitch a tent, natural bug free remedies, sleeping ideas and so on. However, many articles failed to mention the quantity certain items require. We are here to tell you 5 things that we wish we had more of while out camping so you can better be prepared for your next camping venture.
5 Things You'll Wish You Brought More Of While On Your Camping Trip

Bug Spray

Seriously, many articles cover the fact you need bug spray while on your camping get away. However, none say just how much bug spray is enough — one is NOT enough for a family BTW. I highly recommend having various methods to keep bugs away. There are many different ways to keep bugs away while you’re out camping — did you know just by lighting your campfire it draws bugs away, add sage to the fire and you’ve got a great DIY bug be gone. Another great one is Vicks, yep the vapor rub that keeps stuffy noses happy is also a great way to keep bugs at bay. Rub some on your wrists, ankles, behind your ears and a little on your clothes.


Before heading out on our camping trip, I packed what I thought were a ton of snacks — I was wrong. If you think you packed a lot, just go ahead and pack more. When camping you usually rise earlier, and you’re also more active –gathering fire wood, biking and hiking are just a few popular musts when camping, they are also ways you burn more calories, resulting in you feeling more hungry. Be sure to be stocked on food, especially if you will be going far out and need all your supplies for your trip to be with you. Double up on everything so you know for a fact there will be plenty. Packing individual baggies of snacks are great to just grab and go for adults and kids too!

Fire Wood/Fire Starters

Fire wood goes so fast so be sure you’re prepared with plenty of wood for your length of stay. Some places allow you to collect sticks off the ground that have fallen from trees. However, there are some camp sites that totally say no to any collection of fire wood to start your campfire. The campfire is one of the most important parts to camping, so coming prepared is important. Campfire helps keep you warm on chilly nights, provides a place to cook your food and of coarse — don’t forget the marshmallow roasting. Check to see if where you’re camping allows gathering sticks for a campfire, if not load plenty of firewood, which I recommend either way. Don’t forget to bring fire starters (Doritos make for great fire starters if you’re in a pinch) and plenty of matches/lighters.


Battery operated lights, candles and lanterns are all great sources of light for when you’re out camping. When the sun goes down, you don’t want to be left in the dark. Having the campfire lit will give off light in the surrounding area, but you’ll need lights for your eating area, around your tent, inside your tent and for walking as well. A lantern covers the most ground, so having a couple of these around work well, and you can grab it and take it along to different areas on your campsite. If hands free is what you’re looking for– headlamps are an ideal way of light wherever you go. The headlamp attaches to your forehead, allowing your hands to be free. Perfect for night time walks or even bike riding under the stars. Glow sticks are a fun way for kids to light up the night. If you’re camping with children I highly recommend stocking up on plenty of glow sticks for some night time fun.

Hand Wipes

When camping, hand wipes come in handy quite often. This was another item we regretted not packing double the amount than we actually did for our camping trip. My favorite thing to use for hand clean ups, dirty mouths, juice spills and unexpected uh-oh’s are baby wipes. Baby wipes are cheaper than face wipes and you can buy a large bag for $5 I would recommend two bags for your camping trip, especially if you have multiple children. Life get’s messy, but when you’re camping, things tend to get a little messier, so keep that in mind. Be sure you have plenty of paper towels, hand sanitizer, water and band aids, which are all items that came in handy numerous of times during our first camping trip.

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