5 Tips To Dating As A Senior Citizen

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The notion that senior citizens ought to retire and go rest in their retirement home for the rest of their living years is long gone. This age group of people need to remain active, both for their mental and physical health, and certainly dating is part of these activities. Just because someone is an elder citizen, does not limit them to finding love and enjoying themselves. Thanks to some senior online dating sites, senior citizens can now find their perfect match no matter where they are in life. Even with these sites, their rules on dating are a bit different from the younger generation. Here are 5 tips to dating as a senior citizen.

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1. Identify the appropriate platform

You can meet your potential soulmate in different areas. Some meet in church, others and in social clubs and others online. You can join a singing group in the church, a book club or even join your local sports club. Getting involved with group activities will guarantee you of meeting new people of whom some may be looking for a person like you. If you are an introvert, or are very busy joining such group activities, then you can consider meeting people online. It is a rather easy way since all you need is the internet and your mobile phone. Beyond Ages is one such site that you can take advantage of.

2. Don’t let your children derail you

If you’ve never been married, and never had children, then you have all the freedom to yourself. However, this is not the case with most senior citizens. Most of you have been married, some more than once and lost their partners under different circumstances. Your children are more likely than not going to influence your choices later in life, and this includes your dating options. While you should allow them to give their opinions, you should make the decision yourself. It is your companionship and theirs, since they already have their families elsewhere. Most children nowadays though, have changed their attitudes towards having their parents remarry.

3. Meet at a public place

Whether you meet your acquaintance at a church, a book club or online, ensure that you agree to go on a date, you meet at a public place. You must inform a friend or family member before this meeting for your security, if especially you’ve met online. Acquittances met at social places pose fewer risks since you already know that particular individual in person. Apart from security, meeting in public brings a positive effect on society to accept senior citizens’ dating life.

4. Use protection

Most senior citizens are looking for companionship, but if you are to have sexual intercourse with your partner, then you need to use protection. Sexually transmitted diseases are still as dangerous to senior citizens as they are to the younger ones. It is even worse considering that your immune system is a lot weaker when you are older. Do not take chances until you have had a long-term relationship where you can trust each other.

5. Make your terms known

Considering that you’ve been in other relationships that maybe did not work because one thing or another, it is important that you let your new partner understand what you expect in the relationship. You should also hear what they expect. If you have the same aspirations, or can compromise some things, then you are good to go. Remember you do not have a lot of time or energy to keep moving from one person to another.

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