5 Tips To Make Amazing Tasting Corn On The Cob

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I have always been a BIG fan of corn on the cob. However, for years when I would cook it up at home it never came out the way I would remember it being in my favorite restaurants or at my grandma’s house. I started looking into ways I can get the best tasting corn on the cob and WOW the difference it made. I have gathered 5 tips that helped me get the best tasting corn on the cob, so you too can enjoy the same taste from your home.
5 Tips To Make Amazing Tasting Corn On The Cob

Learn to pick the freshest corn on the cob

Pick only the freshest, brightest corn by following these simple steps. When choosing your corn feel for the most plump, firm corn with even kernels(if you feel missing holes where corn use to be, pick another). The ears should have brown tassels that are slightly sticky to the touch. Avoid corn with small brown holes in the husk, these are wormholes. The brighter green the husk is the better. Tightly wrapped husks against the cob also indicates freshness.

Tip to get flavorful corn on the cob

If you want your corn on the cob to burst with flavor boil it with butter and milk! This is a trick I learned from my  grandmother and it was life changing. I am vegan so I opt for almond milk and dairy-free butter when boiling my corn on the cob and guys, its really, really good. Use half milk, half water and bring to boil. Add in a stick of butter. Place your corn in the boiling milky water and allow to cook for 7-10 minutes. Enjoy!

Feed a group of people with this cooler hack

Corn on the cob is a must at bar-b-q’s and if you’re needing to feed a large crowd of people — getting out multiple pots to boil your corn doesn’t sound ideal. Line the bottom of a cooler with foil pans, add the shucked ears of corn, and a couple pots of salted boiling water to cover the corn, then shut the lid. You can easily drain out the liquids while keeping the corn warm for hours. Brush the corn with melted butter and finish off with seasonings.

Easy & fast corn on the cob

Running low on time? You can have hot, delicious corn on the cob ready in no time by using your microwave. The secret to this method is keeping the husks on to trap in the heat while cooking. Cook two ears of corn for 4 minutes and allow to rest for 3 minutes before husking. Brush the corn with butter, add salt and pepper… YUM!

Grilling your corn on the cob

When grilling your corn on the cob the last thing you want is dried out, burnt corn — yuck! Well don’t worry with a few simple tips, your corn on the cob can be the best tasting vegetable on the grill. Just like the microwave, when grilling corn do not remove the husks. Keeping the husks on will prevent the corn from being directly on the heat and burning. Place corn in the husk on the grill and cook, turning occasionally, until it is steamed through to the center — you can peek and re-wrap the corn to check if you need to. Usually takes about 15-20 minutes. When cooked peel the silk back along with the husk when you shuck it, add butter and salt. Another great and easy method, shuck your corn completely, add butter and salt then wrap firmly in foil and add to the grill to cook for 15 minutes. You can also place the shucked corn directly on the grill over the fire, turn often for about 10 minutes and enjoy with some butter slathered on after — delish!

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