5 Top Mattress Life Hacks for Better Sleep

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Do you have the feeling that no matter how much sleep you get at night you would still love five more minutes of rest in the morning? If the answer is yes, you should know you are not alone: most of us experience the same sensation. It’s a feature of our always-on-the-run lives: we never feel rested enough. Fortunately, there are easy-to-do life hacks to helps us improve the way we sleep.
5 Top Mattress Life Hacks for Better Sleep
I discovered several simple adjustments to our sleep habits meant to help us wake up in the morning feeling energized and ready for the challenges of the new day. I even tried some of those, and I confess I woke up with a different kind of energy. I put together a list with my top five mattress life hacks which can help anyone get better sleep; hopefully, it would come in handy when you feel like you’re not getting plenty of your much-needed repose.

Create a Dark Environment

Lots of people complain about not being able to fall asleep if there’s any light source entering the room. Experts confirm that our circadian rhythm is connected to the outside environment, so lights in the bedroom can easily disrupt our sleep. The solution is simple: turn off all lights, all electronic devices and block the outside lighting with dark curtains or window blinds. If those actions are not enough, use a sleeping mask to keep off artificial light.

Listen To Soothing Music

Relaxing music has the power to make us fall asleep faster and sleep longer than we would without it. According to various studies, calming music has a biological effect on our bodies: it slows down the heart rate and the breathing; it lowers our blood pressure and relaxes the muscles. All those processes have but one outcome: we plunge into the world of dreams, and we enjoy a great sleep.

Use Tranquil Colors on the Bedroom Walls

The color of your bedroom walls has a significant influence on your sleep. It seems that blue is the color which helps us get the best (and longest) rest, that’s why it is considered the best color for a bedroom. Earth tones and soft shades of green, yellow, coral, beige, orange or gray also help promote sleep. Bold, bright colors (such as red, for instance) are profoundly counterproductive to sleep, although they increase the daytime energy of the room.

Sleep on a High-quality Mattress

Resting on an excellent mattress is essential for getting our good night repose. According to Peter Palmero from Top Mattress, “the wrong mattress may be the source of various sleep problems and health issues, such as allergies, back pain or worse; on the other hand, the right mattress, an appropriate pillow, and good sheets create the perfect bedding for a great sleep.” One necessary thing to keep in mind is that you need a bed that stays cool during the night, so you either invest in a cooling pad or a modern mattress with embedded cooling technology.

Try a Different Sleeping Style

An interesting theory I found says that when nothing else works try breaking your sleep into two periods of time during a day instead of having just one block of repose. The method is rather old and highly used in several Latin countries, where afternoon naps (also called siestas) are a general rule. The progressive companies of today offer nap booths (or rooms) to their employees to help them “recharge the batteries.” This particular sleeping style is called “biphasic” as it has two phases: the 5 to 8 hours sleep phase during the night and the 15 to 90 minutes nap phase during the day.

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