5 Ways To Use Coffee For Better Skin

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Drinking coffee has been linked to fighting off cancer, but did you know it is also great for your skin? Coffee is loaded with antioxidants that are so powerful it can fight off skin aging and give you brighter and better skin. We’re here to tell you how you can use coffee for more beautiful skin:)

Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes

5 Ways To Use Coffee For Better Skin

Caffeine helps reduce swelling and inflammation. Apply coffee mixed with coconut oil to form a paste directly under your eyes and leave for 15-20 min. Do this as often as needed.

Minimizes The Appearance Of Cellulite

5 Ways To Use Coffee For Better Skin

Although, not proven to completely get rid of cellulite. Some have said using a coffee scrub has minimized the appearance of their cellulite altogether. We tested it and it appeared to reduce the cellulite but only for about 5 hours, then it was back to normal. Its a great hack to use before going to the beach! Mix coffee with coconut oil to make a paste and scrub roughly with a loofah.

Remove Dead Skin

5 Ways To Use Coffee For Better Skin

Using the same method above this can help get rid of dead skin as well. Apply the coconut oil and coffee mix all over your body and gently scrub away your dead skin leaving your skin smooth and hydrated.

Brighten Your Face

5 Ways To Use Coffee For Better Skin

When applied as a face mask, the properties of coffee improve blood flow making your skin appear radiant, and bright. Mix coffee with coconut oil or olive oil and apply all over your face in a circular motion. Leave the coffee mask on for 20- 30 min.

Soft Hands

5 Ways To Use Coffee For Better Skin

Use a mixture of coffee grounds, sugar and an oil of your choice for a super great way to scrub your way to soft hands. This particular scrub is not intended for your face the sugar is way to harsh.

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