5 Yummy Sushi Recipes

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Sushi is life. I love sushi and could eat it every day because it’s just that good. However, buying pre-made sushi from your favorite spot can get a little pricey. Making your own may seem a little hard but it really isn’t difficult at all to roll up a delicious roll all on your own. If you need a little help, keep scrolling for 7 Yummy Sushi Recipes.

California Sushi Rolls

5 Yummy Sushi Recipes 934984576

California Sushi Rolls [recipe]

Shrimp Tempura Roll

5 Yummy Sushi Recipes 2004133907

Shrimp Tempura Roll [recipe]

Philadelphia Roll

5 Yummy Sushi Recipes 598717585

Philadelphia Roll [recipe]

Japanese Rainbow Roll

5 Yummy Sushi Recipes 1559554453

Japanese Rainbow Roll [recipe]

Veggie Sushi

5 Yummy Sushi Recipes 1447102932

Veggie Sushi [recipe]

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