6 Essential Tips For A Great Golf Trip

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For many golfers, a specialized golf trip is probably the most exciting thing that can happen to them. Just picture it: a new challenging course, new people to play, fresh air to breathe—it’s paradise! However, your trip can quickly end up disastrously if you don’t know how to plan it well. Here are a few tips that will ensure you dodge all issues and have a great golf trip.
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Book the right accommodation

Walking up for your 8 am game is much easier when you don’t have to pack, get in the car and drive an additional hour to your course. It’s always best to look into golf resorts that have on-site accommodation. Most of the time, they also provide course discounts for guests of their resort, so it’s a good deal. Sometimes, you can even get away with “all you can play” deal and free breakfasts! 

Find a good bag

Once you have your accommodation covered, it’s time to pack for the trip. For most golfers, this is the most annoying part of the trip, because golf clubs are bulky and don’t travel easy. They are cumbersome and expensive, so you don’t want anything bad to happen to them. Luckily, with a good gold bag, you can have a smooth trip. Hard cases are perfect for airplane travel since they provide the best protection for your clubs. However, they are bulky and might take up too much space in your trunk if you decide to drive. In that case, a soft padded case is a better choice. 

Bring good clothing

This step depends greatly on your destination and its weather conditions. Your best bet, though, is to think in layers since they allow proper warmth in colder weather conditions and comfort when the warm sun comes out. Some long-sleeved jackets over polo shirts are always a great idea. A hat or a visor is a must for any weather, both hot and cold. Gloves are also necessary since they not only provide warmth to your hands, but also improve grip and swing. So, if you think you need a new pair, check out some top rated golf gloves reviews and find a pair that fits your needs. Having a fresh accessory like that will give your golf trip that extra special note! 

Pack good snacks

Golf trips usually have a great effect on the mind, but they are not so good for our body, mainly your weight. They involve plenty of activity during the day, which means you might rely on large breakfasts, unhealthy snacks during the day and late-night meals. Well, in order to stay fit and avoid putting on a few pounds, you need to pack the right snacks. Think things like granola and nutrition bars, since they travel well and are easy to prepare. Edamame and cinnamon oatmeal cakes are also a great option for a healthy and energizing snack. 

Don’t forget to network

Sure, golf trips are not about work, but that doesn’t mean you must miss all opportunities to connect with potential partners. After all, golf is a sport practiced by many business people, so you never know who you’ll meet on the course or in the lobby of your resort. And don’t limit your options to business only. There’s a great chance you’ll meet someone who might be a great connection for a private golf club, so pack plenty of business cards. 

Don’t overschedule

Remember your games at home? You have to finish your round quickly, pack up and head straight home to finish some left-over work or do a few chores around the house. Now that you’re on a proper golf vacation, you can play longer games, enjoy the surroundings and grab a few drinks after a round. You don’t have to rush anything, which is very rear, so don’t ruin this by overscheduling your trip. It’s best to just concentrate on one thing instead of having to run to some other activity. Taking your time is one of the rare luxuries a golfing vacation offers to all enthusiasts.

Having good tips on preparation is very important for fun, relaxing and successful golf trip. You probably have a vague idea about the destination you want to choose, but knowing how to pack and what to bring will make your trip extra special and comfortable. So, take notes and we wish you nothing but blue skies and green grass on your trip!

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