6 Health Benefits Of Herbal Tea That You Need To Know

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Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world following water. There is no wonder because teas, such as green tea, are great healers and health boosters. If you want to know more benefits of the herbal teas, discover
them in the following.

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Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is a tisane made using chamomile’s flower petals. It has a pleasing and subtle taste that most people love. This tea is also a favorite among those looking to achieve certain benefits including stress relief. It can aid in relaxation and reduce anxiety due to its soothing nature. To reap this benefit, drink up to two cups daily and in times when you’re feeling stressed out. And related to stress relief is a better sleep that chamomile tea can also provide you with due to its relaxing properties. It is for the same reason tea drinkers suffering from insomnia or sleep apnea choose chamomile tea.

Dandelion root

One the benefits of dandelion root tea are on water weight reduction. So whenever you’re feeling bloated, you can drink it to increase urine output because it’s a diuretic. The tea can also promote liver health because it’s a liver tonic. Naturopaths are also saying that it can help in detoxifying the liver, relieve liver disease symptoms and help with eye and skin problems. In addition, the tea is a known energizer because it can boost immunity and reduce fatigue, according to a study published in the journal Molecules.

Lemon balm tea

The herbal tea can help reduce stress, boost mood and aid in relaxation. Based on a 2004 study, consuming lemon balm tea could ease the bad mood effects of lab-induced psychological stress. In fact, those who consumed lemon balm reported calmness and reduced alertness. In addition, lemon balm tea can reduce anxiety and its symptoms, including excitability and nervousness. So if you want to reduce both stress and anxiety, which are both pretty common these days, you might want to take your daily cup of lemon balm tea as a part of your diet.

Raspberry leaf tea

The tea is known for its fertility benefits. For one, women trying to conceive opt for this tea because of its ability to clear the toxins, which might be preventing pregnancy, out of their system. It also works by strengthening the uterine wall to increase embryo implantation chances and reducing miscarriage. In addition, raspberry leaf tea can help in shortening the length of a labor and making contractions more productive.

Ginger tea

The researchers at the University Of Maryland Medical Center, revealed that the tea contains important compounds, including shogaols and gingerols that make this tea a very powerful drink with plenty of benefits. It also contains high amounts of amino acids, vitamin C, sodium, zinc, calcium and phosphorus, to name a few. Other benefits are for weight loss, cancer prevention, stomach pain relief and nutrient absorption. Ginger tea can also open inflamed airways and improve food digestion.

Peppermint tea

When it comes to stomach aches and upsets, peppermint is to the rescue. It can soothe stomach pains and cramps aside from offering relief for diarrhea and flatulence or gas. It can also act as an analgesic for different kinds of
relief. Aside from these, peppermint tea can also help treating skin disorders, such as rashes and psoriasis.

Final Thoughts

Herbal teas are natural healers and health boosters that can offer relief from stress, anxiety and indigestion. They’re great remedies for everyday health maladies and issues. So if you’re looking to reap these benefits, you should
definitely consider including it as a part of your daily diet starting today!


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