6-Month-Old Baby Left Alone At Daycare

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The mother of a 6-month-old boy was shocked to arrive to his daycare only to find the doors locked and the lights off. Tanaya Merchen told MTN News that when she went to pick her son Avery up at the Kids R US daycare on Friday the building was dark and the door was locked.

Merchen called Kids R US and spoke with a daycare worker, who came and unlocked the door to bring out her son. “It’s very scary. The guilt that I’m feeling right now for leaving my child in the care of somebody else, that did not care at all for my child,” said Merchen.

Merchen called the Billings police and she plans to contact other agencies too.

“I can’t even tell you, it’s overwhelming at this point. I could not put him down last night. I mean, that’s all I could do is just sit there and so thankful that nothing bad happened to him during that situation,”said the concerned mother.

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