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6 Tips To Get Tanned Skin

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In front of the mirror, the whitish skin from after winter is a bit depressing, let’s face it, but this is not a good reason to lie in the sun like lizards without protection hoping to tan quickly. Dermatologist and nutritionist suggest what to do to get a tan quickly and save your skin.

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If you want to tan skin, here are some tips so that you can understand How to Tan Faster.

1. Tan Faster on The Mat in The Water

It’s True. Because the rays increase those directed by the sun are added to those reflected by the water. Standing on the water, however, even by boat or by practicing water sports such as canoeing, windsurfing and sup (table + paddle), you need to protect yourself even better from UV rays, adopting solar water-resistant with medium / high protection and reapplying it often. Only then will the tan arrive soon and well.

2. Use Tanning Accelerator

The tanning accelerators also called activators and intensifiers, cosmetics are able to stimulate and accelerate the production of melanin (the dark pigment produced by the skin to protect it from sunlight) and to block the formation of free radicals (responsible for aging of the skin and the formation of wrinkles). In addition, they promote the appearance of a natural and fast tan.

The tanning accelerator is applied to the face and body at least half an hour before sun exposure and before sun protection. To get the best results it is advisable to start using them a few days before going to the beach.

3. Eat Protein Food

A fast and beautiful tan is also favored from the inside, eating foods rich in riboflavin (Vit. B2) and beta-carotene (stimulate the production of melanin), vitamins A, C, E, and unsaturated fatty acids. therefore it is advisable to fill up food with yellow, orange and red fruits and vegetables, but also with celery, chicory, lettuce and almonds to be included in a diet that also includes unsaturated fatty acids (seeds and linseed oil, olive oil, fish, dried fruit), proteins and carbohydrates.

4. Be Wary of Beach Tips

For example, getting a tan with beer is a bad idea. The tan that seems to appear after spreading in the sun spread with beer is only an illusion: the person responsible is the hop contained in the beer that induces a harmful inflammatory process at the skin level but capable of mimicking a totally temporary browning.

5. Use Pro Melanin Supplements

The supplements are a valuable support to food pro tan. You must start taking 10-15 days before exposing yourself to the sun and continue afterward. The solar supplements protect the skin from oxidative damage and stimulate the production of melanin, as well as reducing the risk of erythema, then allow it to remain in the sun longer.

6. How To Tan Faster In The Sun

More you are in the sun the more the skin is tanned. As long as you always expose yourself with the protection adapted to the complexion and never in the central hours. Without these basic precautions, the result would be only temporary redness and the risk of erythema and burns. After which, goodbye the sun!

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