7 Celebrities That Love Their Custom Leather Jackets

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Celebrities are the ultimate trendsetters. They are the ones who bring every designer’s dream from the runways to the streets. They endorse the trends, and we embrace them. From leather pants to crop tops to low-waist jeans to chokers; every trend that has ever been the hype of a certain era only managed to gain such popularity because of celebrity endorsements.

One such trend is the leather jacket. The timeless leather jacket, in all of its edgy, urban, and effortlessly sexy glory, is the ultimate accessory for both men and women. Despite the now mainstream culture, the leather jacket still has not lost its charm. Perhaps what makes the leather jacket so charming and attractive till this day is it’s easy going aura and versatility. Till this day, we get inspired by celebrity fashion sporting leather jackets like nobody’s business.

Following is a list of 7 celebrities who inspire us to bring us our top leather jacket a-game.

1) Cara Delevingne

British top model and fashion icon, Cara Delevingne is the beauty who snagged everyone’s attention with her ethereally edgy beauty and incredible sense of fashion. Cara has always been admired for her daring sense of fashion and her confident demeanor. This badass beauty is one celebrity that has truly embraced leather jacket fashion like no other. Be it a sexy leather racer jacket over a knit dress and knee-high boots or a chic leather bomber jacket over distressed black skinny jeans, sneakers; there is a reason why Cara is a top model after all.

7 Celebrities That Love Their Custom Leather Jackets

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2) Rihanna

Badgal RiRi has always been the one to set trends. She changed the game in the world of music with her edgy music. She revolutionized the world of beauty by introducing a truly inclusive beauty brand. She has always snagged the limelight in the world of fashion for her bold sense of style. A timeless custom leather jacket happens to be one of RiRi’s all-time favorites. Frequently spotted in a chic leather jacket, RiRi set the bar high for all of us to emulate. One of her most iconic looks has to be a graphic tee, skinny jeans, ankle boots, and a chic leather bomber jacket. Complete with a pair of chic sunnies and that RiRi attitude, there is no one quite like her.

3) Gigi Hadid

Unless you live under a rock, you know who Gigi Hadid is. Hadid, one of the gorgeous human specimens to have ever walked this earth, at her young age is a fashion icon. One of the best models of this generation, Gigi has got the sense of style to flaunt with those looks and that attitude. Another celebrity who is often seen sporting a delicious leather jacket, Hadid’s looks are simple yet statement. While a bomber jacket is something everyone loves, Gigi takes it a step further and loves a rocker chic spiked moto jacket. Sultry, sexy and unapologetically bold, moto jackets are the real head turners. It does not matter what you wear with it. When you wear a spikey moto leather jacket, nothing else matters. Gigi is the epitome of goddess-like beauty. Coupled with her incredibly edgy sense of fashion, Gigi’s brand is a complex and beautifully unique mix of two contrasting features, and we love it.

7 Celebrities That Love Their Custom Leather Jackets

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4) Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is fashion. A stunning beauty, top model, Kendall believes in keeping things simple. Her red carpet looks always make the headlines, and so do her everyday looks. When Kendall is not strutting on the runway, she is often seen sporting a sexy leather jacket with a standard pair of skinny jeans, a tank top, sneakers, and sunglasses. She basically set the trend for casual yet edgy chic fashion that is simple and effortless but always looks like a million bucks.

5) Justin Theroux

Justin Theroux, universal heartthrob, and an incredible fashion icon have redefined the image of middle-aged men. No one ever thought 47 could look so hot. Justin’s classic style is simple yet edgy. There is something so effortlessly sexy about the way he dresses that we cannot help but drool over him. Custom leather jackets happen to be one of Justin’s all-time favorite picks. Our personal favorite look of his has to be his signature sleek motorcycle leather jacket paired with a pair of straight cut jeans, boots and a knit scarf wrapped around his neck. Simple yet oh so sexy; precisely what a leather jacket is supposed to be.

7 Celebrities That Love Their Custom Leather Jackets

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6)  David Beckham

David Beckham has always been an icon. This father of four really does not seem to age which is why he continues to be an icon till this day. One of Beckham’s signature looks involves a leather jacket. A classic black leather bomber jacket has always been Beckham’s staple. A look that we have seen him maintain over the years is a pair of simple straight cut jeans, boots, a black tee, and a leather bomber. Complete with a beanie hat and sunglasses, Beckham has managed to nail street style.

7) Bradley Cooper

Hunky, handsome and hot; Bradley Cooper has it all. Not only is Cooper one of the most talented actors of our time, but he is also one celebrity who likes to keep it simple with his wardrobe. Over the years we have seen him sport all kinds of looks, almost all of them casual but that is what makes his standout. Cooper’s sense of style is no-nonsense and classic. A pair of straight cut jeans, a V-neck tee and a moto leather jacket on top; this is something we can always imagine Bradley Cooper in.  

7 Celebrities That Love Their Custom Leather Jackets

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Perhaps the thing that makes the leather jacket such a universally loved piece of clothing is its easy going nature. You cannot categorize a leather jacket into anything. It is not formal nor casual; it is just its own unique brand. Simple, no-nonsense and easy going, leather jackets have been the hot item everyone must own for decades, and it will continue to be one until the end of time because such is the attitude and aura of a good leather jacket. Custom leather jackets are an experience, to say the least. While some may think that the investment might be too much, rest assured, every penny spent on a good leather jacket is worth it.

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