7 Fun Spring Crafts For Kindergartners

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Ahhh, Spring — smell the blooming flowers, feel the breeze and have some fun with these ‘7 Fun Spring Crafts For Kindergartners.’ These crafts are easy, educational and require minimal materials to accomplish. Perfect for homeschooling, teachers and parents who are looking for some fun ways to incorporate spring into your children’s activities.

Paper Bag Floral Tiara

Your little princess(s) will feel like royalty in their paper bag tiara. The great part is you probably already have the materials on hand. {DIY}

Printable Bug Paper Rings

How cute, and fun would it be to make these baby bug rings that can be worn after. Get the free printable and DIY here {HERE}

Tissue Paper Rainbows

Let your little ones make their own colorful rainbow using paper tissue. You can find out how {HERE}

Rain Sticks

7 Fun Spring Crafts For Kindergartners
Rain sticks are used in cultures to call on the rain. Let your little one create their own rain spirit caller — they will love the sound it makes. {DIY}

Paper Plate Birds Nest

You’ll definitely want to hang this craft on the fridge when done — adorable! {DIY}

Caterpillar Pom Pom Craft

Kids can make little fuzzy caterpillars with this fun {DIY}

Bubble Wrap Flower Craft

Make flowers using bubble wrap for a fun spring craft {DIY}

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