7 Must Try Beach Glass DIYS

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Don’t just shut your collectors sea glass in a drawer where it goes unseen, or pass it up when walking down the beach. Sea glass can be turned into many different beautiful pieces for you to marvel at each day. Whether you have tons of sea glass collected already, or it’s a hobby you’re wanting to try out — these 10 DIYs will be ones you’ll want to try!

DIY Gold Dipped Rings

Make a cool new ring in every color with these awesome dipped rings {DIY}

Sea Glass Wall Art

Sea glass is beautiful all on it’s own, so just by adding it to a frame it makes for a great wall art addition {DIY}

DIY Beach Glass Photo Transfer Necklaces

Excuse me while I go try this awesome DIY now. Turn photos into something spectacular with this beach glass necklace {DIY}

Sea Glass Mosaic Tray

Don’t serve another ice cold lemonade on a boring tray again with this sea glass DIY that makes serving drinks way better {DIY}

Sea Glass Bowl

This {DIY} glass bowl is not only perfect for small items such as jewelry, but it’s also fun to make.

Sea Glass Candle

These sea glass are great for adding some extra light, gifting or selling {DIY}

Sea Glass Bracelet

These awesome sea glass bracelets are a must jewelry piece to add to your collection {DIY}

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